To achieve global prosperity innovative brilliance must challenge static thinking
The reality of humanity's oneness when practiced engenders human development
Human qualities dormant in the species when awakened morphs as a prime resource
Integrating lofty ideas with principles of justice will help secure the public’s welfare
Success in human affairs will require wisdom, knowledge, forbearance, ingenuity, volution, action, and a profound sense of justice.
We remain committed to serving humanity by exploiting its diversity in ways that contributes to its advancement.

Advancing Global Human Development

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Our mission is to plan development criteria consistent with moral values and spiritual principles inherent to the human species.

We aim to advance human development based on the principle that, scientifically, humankind exists as a complete, diverse, and complex entity of one.

This approach will encourage a paradigm shift in thinking, provide an opportunity for humanity to galvanize a collective will, and be proactive to resolve problems that endanger its progress.

Our method will also correct an institutional failure to plan long-term and to plan globally.

For millennia, it was opportune for segments of human society to promote individual self-interest. Given the current state of human affairs and increasing global turbulence, this approach is no longer viable. At this point in humanity’s evolution, there must be a strategy for its systematic development within a global context. 

This inclusive approach, guided by principles of justice, is without historical precedent. It provides no consideration for short-term expediency, believing it to be detrimental for long-term goal accomplishment. Note also that our strategy deviates from standing norms by encouraging efforts to transcend the status quo.

Humanity’s socio-economic requirements remain unmet, therefore, each one of us, especially those who control wealth and exercise political power, can no longer ignore the need to devise an innovative strategy that advances humanity’s development in a rapidly evolving global environment.

The strategy must be all-inclusive and designed to phase-in systematic and progressive achievements for extended time-horizons. It must remain congruent with the principle that humankind is a single source entity whose core values, moral and spiritual, are nuclei from which sustainable pathways are created to forge intrinsic outcomes.

team-3Alfred Deminhoney

Senior Consultant, The Directorate

The Directorate oversees all internal and external functions of the organization. Supported by its Secretariat, it is integrated with global collaborative systems and support networks. It serves as primary advisory for policy and program initiation, and is responsible for all decisions that affect mission accomplishment.

9Stella Nyu Lui

Senior Consultant, The Secretariat

The Secretariat provides executive level administrative and management assistance, plans policy and operating procedures, conducts research, and provides internal/external assessments. It prepares reports, dispenses information, and maintains inter-departmental cohesion and coordination. It is an ex-officio of The Advisory Collective.

man-people-office-writingFaris Acharya

Senior Consultant, The Advisory Collective

The Advisory Collective is the central point-of-contact for research, content analysis, reports, sourced information, and oversees all operations within its sphere of influence. It remains integral to all discussions, collaborative venues, decision-making processes, and advises senior staff on all matters of importance.

man-people-office-writingJanis Emerson

Senior Consultant, The Consiliarius Group

The Consiliarius Group consists of external senior analysts, educators, and advisors. It works in close cooperation with the Prallagon through its directorate, secretariat, and advisory functions to provide objective appraisal, root-cause assessment, and insightful analysis of issues identified as having major concern.

We share our expertise, values and cultural norms with aspirants, stakeholders, and development professionals located around the globe.

Shared Values


Moral beliefs determine how life should be lived

Major Elements

To shape major elements for global human development will require a paradigmatic change in thought, policy, education, political ideology, and human activity. The aim is to advance humankind beyond its current adolescence to achieve maturity and a prosperous future. This process is largely dependent upon moral leadership and the stability of law. See slider below.

Oneness Principle

We revel in the reality that humankind resides scientifically comfortable in its oneness as a species, the principle that guides all our endeavors. We accentuate the spiritual nature of the species that through the awesome potential of its vast and complex diversity means are found to devise those sustainable pathways required to resolve difficult global challenges.

Political Stability

Political stability is based on the secure frameworks of government that operate within prescribed boundaries devoid of nefarious activities and adheres to just procedures and forthright policy designed to guarantee the peace, security, and well-being for all elements of society.

Human Rights

Human rights are rights inherent to all human beings, whatever nationality, residence, sex, ethnic origin, color, religion, language, or status; and because these rights are interrelated, interdependent and indivisible, they must be expressed universally and guaranteed by law.


One possible task for policymakers could be to improve the transparency of interactions between firms and public officials. That could reduce the discretionary power of both firms and officials, lower the preferential gains from corruption, and decrease nefarious activity.

Moral Courage

Wisdom, compassion and courage are three universally recognized moral standards. Moral courage is the willingness to take action for moral reasons when one has doubts or fears despite the risk of adverse consequences. It involves acts of integrity carried out with dignity.

Universal Education

Education must be universal and compulsory so that all people have an equal opportunity to be educated, regardles of social class, gender, ethnicity, or physical and mental disabilities. Access to education must be compulsory, universal, and incorporated into all systems of education.


Gender equality is a fundamental human right and is necessary for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world. Humanity is dependant upon an equal partnership between man and woman, and ultimately will fuel sustainable economies and benefit societies and humanity at large.

Finding Truth

Research is conducted in an independent and objective way through proven strategies to investigate and reveal truth. Observational and personal sources are used to help decide if information is reliable, that deductive/inductive methods descover criteria to support a final decision.

Family Life

The family unit is the nucleus of human society. "A unified family is a strong team that is capable of weathering adversity, investing in meaningful relationships and activities, and creating value together". It provides a vital setting for harmonious functioning that join together its members.


We must create long lasting change by addressing the underlying differences between people that prevent progress. The key to this process is accepting the oneness of humanity, a principle based on knowledge and respect that demands the elimination of all forms of prejudice.


"The size and endurance of the world’s multicurrency foreign exchange system gives it the superficial appearance of being “right,” more obsolete than “wrong” and will increasingly be subjected to the “reasons” for replacing it with a Single Global Currency."


Many experts believe we are headed toward a world in which everyone will speak the same language. Globalization is making communication between diverse populations possible, an advantage if everyone learned this language in addition to their native tongues.


Human performance must be reshaped in ways that conforms to humankind's as an entity-of-one; as such, a noble species, and directly addresses it's potential to organise collective and unified endeavours in ways that advances the human race.


"A religious worldview that denies scientific knowledge will ultimately be doomed to irrelevancy. A scientific worldview without a larger philosophical, metaphysical or religious system in which to anchor itself strands one like a shipwreck survivor adrift in an ocean of meaninglessness."


Environmental destruction caused by humans is a major global problem. Groups around the world have a role in educating people as to how their small actions when combined together can play a big role in protecting the natural environment. Sustainability is the key to this process.


Global governance and collective security combine as a major move towards political cooperation among transnational actors. It aims to negotiate collective responses to problems affecting more than one state or region, where states act together to repel an aggressor through world government.


The purpose of identity is to form a polity and hold it together. Because identity is a composite with many parts, the new one, i.e., the oneness of humankind, will encompass all aspects of societal life. Necessarly, new symbols and rituals will be created to reinforce the new identity.

Human Identity
Human Rights


Leadership is strategically positioned. It inherits a moral component to guard against nefarious activity. It embodies integrity, is visionary, exercises forbearance, and remains committed to a challenge. It has strong affinity for civic duties, does not deviate from its commitment to justice, and remains vociferous in spearheading positive change in human affairs.


The requirement for law in this age of global transition is to reinstate authority and renew the linkages between society, law and virtue, and strengthen its relationship with spirituality. At this level the true nature of law is revealed, to promote the development of character, guarantee higher levels of freedom in society, and as bedrock for sustainable achievements.

Global Dynamic


Principled evidence to move beyond static and erroneous beliefs


Governance is the process of governing that is inclusive to state authority, informal organizations, family, institutions and others to exercise authority and control through the laws, norms, and power of an organized society. Our objective is introducing ethical performance criteria into systems of governance as a means to secure the publics’ welfare.


Effective development policy must be framed and sourced based in reality that humankind is an entity-of-one, a species endowed with self-awareness and the creative ability to change the natural environment to ensure its very survival. As a foundation principal, it defines and guides humanity’s continuing efforts to achieve a prosperous future.

Pursuit of Justice


Primary means to achieve progressive futures


Our approach to global stewardship is rooted in providing morally-based development initiatives that are combined with spiritual intent and collective will to bring them to fruition. We strive to be a unifying voice for quality leadership, social and environmental change to pursue the creation of those sustaining pathways needed to advance global human development.


The capability needed to lead humankind out of its complacency lies within the core features of a diverse humanity. This can no longer be ignored. The subjugated and disinfranchised masses demand to be included in decision-making processes that directly impact their wellbeing. Humanity's advancement and protection of the natural habitat requires it.

Basic Life Principle


Aggrandizes an interrelated world


Creating sustainable pathways is agency responsibility and the rules of governance apply. To be viable, organizations must embed sustainable principles in their basic strategy, operating frameworks and culture. Effective development strategy contains core values as a strategic element to make sustainability an ongoing effort with increasing value.


Achieving prosperous futures will require a new generation of leaders, researchers, analysts and policy makers who can successfully address the pressing social, economic and environmental issues in the face of a rapidly growing global population. The question remains how human wellbeing can be maintained and enhanced to secure long term prosperity.

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Securing Justice

Our goal is to assist with securing justice in society. As a fixed component, it is the strongest foundation for achieving lasting peace for humanity. Justice is the primary purpose for social governance, provides security for all citizens, and strengthens the bonds of unity. It is the indomitable tool with which to safeguard that unity, achieve peace, guarantee human happiness, and ensure progressive futures.  Read More

Spiritual Indicators

We highlight several policy areas in which spiritual principles can facilitate creating those interconnected initiatives necessary to achieve sustained goal accomplishment. Placing spiritually within context of global human development involves investigating truth; especially that, scientifically, humankind is of one species. Continued reflection based on experience in applying this truth is critical for creating sustainable pathways toward realize progressive futures.  Read More



Ideas make the world for they are the guide to future practice. Put your mind to work — global human development — don’t be afraid of what you think. Many successful ideas look unworkable or unpopular until they expand our perspective, take on a life of their own, and end up changing the world.

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Service to Humanity

Mankind is an enormously diverse and complex entity-of-one. It will advance beyond its current banal position only if its efforts are based on spiritual values, moral principals, empathy, intellectual curiosity, inherent creativity, and a collective will that inspires the pursuit of justice. To serve humanity, to join in the effort to advance humankind, you must see clearly and be able to relate the abstract and the concrete in such a manner that your personal life posits the true nature of what it means to be human.


Our Endeavor

Prallagon provides innovative approaches to development strategy within a multilateral policy perspective. We provide the creativity and foresight acquired through diversity inclusiveness to ensure that we possess the tools necessary to remain as a proactive and preeminent player in all matters pertaining to global human development. By shaping the debate on requirements necessary to program and guide an emergent global ethos, we help to position human endeavor toward acquiring the collective will needed to achieve sustainable results.


Rules of engagement for spiritually based development policy. An approach to insightful living, ways of being and doing, thinking and believing, and behaving in ways that engage others with respect to foster individual potential.


Public opinion can be positively shaped to support moral sentiments in development policy. Devoid of individualized political prejudice, priority is given to fairness/reciprocity as rivers of cooperative behavior and group loyalty.


In a global context, the importance of justice mandates a shift in thinking to consider certain fundamental values that are essential: shared responsibility, individual rights and freedom, equality, solidarity, tolerance, and respect.

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Global Human Development

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Policy Objectives
Advance global human development through spiritual perception, forward-thinking, innovative planning, and unbridled commitment.
Achieved by accentuating the inherent creativity of a diverse humanity.

Policy Objectives

Advance global human development through spiritual perception, forward-thinking, innovative planning, and unbridled commitment.

Achieved by accentuating the inherent creativity of a diverse humanity.

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