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To achieve global prosperity innovative brilliance must challenge static thinking
Promoting humanity’s oneness will engender its development in a global context
Human qualities dormant in the species when awakened morphs as a prime resource
Integrating lofty ideas with principles of justice will help secure the public's welfare

Creating Criteria for a cohesive global public policy will advance the human condition

Gender justness builds trust to enhance the relationship between men and women

Remove mental barriers to enlightenment with education, training and mutual dependency

Injustice breeds ignorance and hypocrisy, weakens human will, kindles societal decline

Success in human affairs requires knowledge, personal will, forbearance, integrity, forthright action, and moral courage embodied with a profound sense of justice.
Our aim is to serve humanity by exploiting its diversity in ways that foster a global awareness which remains consistent with principles in play to bring about stable and progressive outcomes.
We realise that criteria for sustainable achievements resides in justice and sacrificial endeavours.
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Societal Progression

Appreciate Differences Through
Shared Species Identity


Justice ● Sacrifice ● Education,
Integrity ● Volition ● Collective Action

We need a nourishing and optimistic mindset to muster the courage necessary to transform the human condition in ways that ensure humanity’s wellbeing. This means to reflect on our inner selves to better understand human commonality. That with compassion, spiritual insight, solidarity and force of will, we imbue collective effort to plan and design means to secure planetary prosperity.

We share ideas on actions you can take to bring
about new and inclusive realities to advance
human development in a global context

This ‘new thinking’ provides the bedrock for humanity to move beyond complacency and engage a proactive stance of resolve.

We add value to initiatives that are designed to elevate human consciousness to an inclusive reality, and in this way foster a cohesive public policy to advance human endeavour in a global context.

We stress the synergistic capability of leadership, law, and governance as a unified trilateral operative made inclusive to public policy. It is consistent in championing humanity’s moral, ethical, and spiritual values to secure sustainability goals and objectives.

We attempt to bridge the gap between where humanity stands today in relation to where it could be at various intervals in the near future, with plans and projections to extend time-horizons far into the distant unknown. Theory is find, but proof resides in concerted action.

Analogy. Throughout history it’s been opportune for segmented societies to promote their self-interest through warfare. But humanity now requires more fair standards and inclusive approaches that reflect advances made in the socio-scientific arena, that when combined with actionable knowledge and perceptive undertakings will foster the systematic and progressive strategies needed to realize sustainable progress for extended time-horizons. This process corrects an institutional failure to plan long-term and maximize potential for global sustainability.

Solutions in Context. We explicate the practice of leadership, law, and governance as a unified trilateral contextualized within the framework of humanity’s oneness as a species, the core principle forged as integrated bedrock to spearhead strategic undertakings in globalizing environments. Its an effort requiring deep consideration and systematic planning to achieve long-term results within progressive milestones. Along with a shared species identity—spiritual infusion, it cements unified and unbridled efforts to resolve deeply entrenched problems in human affairs.

team-3Alfred Deminhoney

Senior Consultant, Directorate

The Directorate oversees all internal and external affairs of the organization. It relies on the Secretariat for collaborative systems, administrative and network support. The Director serves as the primary advisor for strategic planning decisions, cohesive global public policy, implementation procedures, and mission support.

9Stella Nyu Lui

Senior Consultant, Secretariat

The Secretariat provides executive level administrative help to the Directorate, coordinates internal planning, organization policy, and operating procedures. The Secretariat conducts research, provides internal/external assessments, prepares reports, dispenses information, and maintains inter-departmental cohesion and coordination.

man-people-office-writingFaris Acharya

Senior Consultant, Advisory Collective

The Advisory Collective is the central point or assigned research, data collection, content analysis, reports, and sourced information. It provides project information and analysis to the Directorate and Secretariate, while it oversees all operations within its sphere of influence. It is integral to all discussions, collaborative venues, and decision-making processes.

man-people-office-writingJanis Emerson

Senior Consultant, Consiliarius Group

The Consiliarius Group comprises external senior analysts, educators, and advisors. It works in close cooperation with the Directorate, the Secretariat and the Advisory Collective to provide expertise, advice, appraisals, root-cause assessments, and analysis of issues posing a major concern to strategic planning and policy initiatives.

facilitative leader

We share our expertise, cultural norms, success, and values with professionals, stakeholders, policy wonks, aspirants, and others around the globe.

Humanity's Shared Goal


Knowledge Base

Our task is to assist in advancing global human development in ways that conform to the scientific fact that humans live as a complete, diverse, and complex species of one. We provide the support needed to confront disparities and inequalities in human dimensions by partnering to pioneer innovative global solutions.

Understand change

To shape elements for global human development will require a paradigmatic change in thought, policy, education, political ideology, and human activity. The aim is to advance humankind beyond its current adolescence to a point of maturity, a process dependent on moral leadership and stability of law.

Universal Education


Strategic Leadership

Leadership, strategically positioned, It inherits a moral component to guard against nefarious activities. It embodies integrity, is visionary, exercises forbearance, and remains committed to a challenge. It has a strong affinity for civic duties, does not deviate from its commitment to justice, and remains vociferous in spearheading positive change in human affairs.

Law In Society

The requirement for law in this age of global transition is to reinstate authority and establish viable linkages between society, law, virtue, and trustworthiness. This will help strengthen connections with core spiritual principles and guide human endeavors. It reveals the true nature of law to promote character, guarantee freedom in society, and as a bedrock for sustainability.

Global Dynamic



Governance is a process that's inclusive to state authority, formal and informal organizations, institutions and others to exercise authority and control through the laws, norms, and power of an organized society. Our aim is to introduce ethical performance criteria into systems of governance to improve the process and secure the public's welfare.

Cohesive Global Public Policy

For policy initiatives to be effective, we frame, source, and base them on the reality that humankind is an entity of one.  It is a species endowed with consciousness and the creative ability to change the natural environment to ensure its survival. This foundation principle defines and guides humanity’s efforts to achieve prosperous futures.



Interrelated Systems

Global human development is interactive and consist of interrelated systems, organizing principles and processes that take place at the community level. It involves planning ways in which to create cohesive global public policy that's inclusive to all elements of human society. Its considered to be a holistic approach to advance the human condition in a global context.

Human Dynamics

Those capabilities needed to lead humankind out of its complacency lie within the core features of human diversity and demand recognition. This is where diverse opinions garnered support making quality decisions to increase social and economic wellbeing. This approach releases the subjugated and disenfranchised masses from a bond of hopefulness.

quintessential Truth


Building Capacity

Capacity building begins with every individual. It comes with acknowledgement that we all have a vested interest in self-improvement and must be willing to undertake appropriate measures to bring it about. This will manifest in ways that individual growth and performance will have positive effects on the family and by extension the larger society.

Global Prosperity

Achieving prosperous futures will require a new generation of leaders, researchers, analysts and policymakers who can successfully address the pressing social, economic and environmental issues in the face of a rapidly growing global population. The question remains how to maintain human wellbeing to enhance and secure long-term prosperity.

Festival of Ideas 2022

Festival of Ideas 2022

Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy National University of SingaporeFestival of Ideas 2022 10-14 October To celebrate Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy’s 18th Anniversary, the school will be hosting its flagship event named “Festival of Ideas”. The theme for the...

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Local Indigenous Knowledge

Local Indigenous Knowledge

International Conference on Local [Indigenous] KnowledgeThe International Conference on Local [Indigenous] Knowledge is an annual conference first started by the Local Knowledge Secretariat of the Universiti Sains, Malaysia, in 2011. Its aims are to discuss the...

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Civic Culture

Civic Culture

Species identity in the future community of global consciousness will not be a concept that gains ascendancy over other identities, and will threaten no one. It will rather be a crowning awareness of how all human identities crafted over time come together in a common. . .

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Environmental Issues

Environmental Issues

To achieve environmental stability will depend upon how we address major issues impacting human society; be they social, economic, health or political. They all interrelate with combined strength to ravage societies world-wide. A frontal assault is needed to alleviate…

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African Spirituality

African Spirituality

African Spirituality. The debilitating effects of excessive western-style materialism continue to exploit and wreak havoc on human populations. In this climate spirituality seems to be a non-starter. Therefore, we explore the spirituality and enduring characteristics…

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Existence of Law In Society

Existence of Law In Society

Stability Law In SocietyLaw in society implies an existing authority, some form or practice that complies with norms of law. It regulates and stabilizes human affairs, functions as a haven for the oppressed, guides and assists public order, provides a means for...

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Religion & Development

Planning and policy initiatives don’t address religion as being integral to the lives of a mass majority of humankind.  This major but perhaps understandable mistake comes of the fear expressed by many that it could incite religious controversies and spark conflict among and between adherents. Our position is since religion is a mainstay for a large percentage of humanity, spiritual principles and the purity of commonalities shared by all religions are undisputed resources able to avoid philosophical differences inherent to individualized religious instruction and galvanize human potential to establish unity of purpose and together pursue sustainable objectives.

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Spiritual Indicators

Spirituality is an inherent component of being human, and is subjective, intangible, and multidimensional. Spirituality and religion are often used interchangeably, but the two concepts are different. Spirituality involves humans’ search for meaning in life, while religion involves an organized entity with rituals and practices about a higher power. Spirituality may be related to religion for certain individuals, but for others, such as an atheist, it may not be.  Connections to spirituality and sustainability include compassion, trustworthiness, and reciprocity. Spiritual drivers are conveyers of strength and purpose for those who shoulder the burden of achieving sustainable outcomes.

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Our consulting services provide the perfect vehicle to receive ‘voices heard’ that focus on resolving the most critical issues facing humanity in this globalizing world. Ideas make the world for they are the guide to future practice. Put your mind to work — global human development — don’t be afraid of what you think. Many successful ideas look unworkable or unpopular until they expand our perspective, take on a life of their own, and end up changing the world.

Consult with us!

We bring deep, functional expertise, and a holistic perspective toward creating sustainable criteria to secure pathways able to advance global human development. One way to achieve this goal lies in formulating a cohesive global public policy at ground level, inclusive of input from a diverse humanity, to provide a ‘roadmap’ from which policymakers can gain insight into issues of importance to those most affected and solutions they provide to resolve entrenched problems.

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Service to Humanity

Mankind is an enormously diverse and complex entity-of-one. It will advance beyond its current banal position only if its efforts are based on spiritual values, moral principals, empathy, intellectual curiosity, inherent creativity, and a collective will that inspires the pursuit of justice. To serve humanity, to join in the effort to advance humankind, you must see clearly and be able to relate the abstract and the concrete in such a manner that your personal life posits the true nature of what it means to be human.


Our Endeavor

Prallagon provides innovative approaches to development strategy within a multilateral policy perspective. We provide the creativity and foresight acquired through diversity inclusiveness to ensure that we possess the tools necessary to remain as a proactive and preeminent player in all matters pertaining to global human development. By shaping the debate on requirements necessary to program and guide an emergent global ethos, we help to position human endeavor toward acquiring the collective will needed to achieve sustainable results.

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Rules of engagement for spiritually based development policy. An approach to insightful living, ways of being and doing, thinking and believing, and behaving in ways that engage others with respect to foster individual potential.


Public opinion can be positively shaped to support moral sentiments in development policy. Devoid of individualized political prejudice, priority is given to fairness/reciprocity as rivers of cooperative behavior and group loyalty.


In a global context, the importance of justice mandates a shift in thinking to consider certain fundamental values that are essential: shared responsibility, individual rights and freedom, equality, solidarity, tolerance, and respect.

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Global Human Development

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