To achieve global prosperity innovative brilliance must challenge static thinking

Develope those inherent qualities now lying dormant in human diversity as a prime resource


Our Motto
sustainable achievements through justice and sacrificial endeavours

A Prodigious Consultancy
Advancing Global Human Development
8345 NW 66th St., A5783
Miami, FL 33166 USA

Our Strategic Program

We are a major consultancy renowned for our vision, mission, firm resolve and hands-on capability. We create for delivery performance-based criteria to advance human development in global environments.

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senior executive consultants

team-3Alfred Deminhoney

Administrative Directorate

The Administrative Directorate is responsible for all internal and external functions of the organization. Supported by its Secretariat, it oversees globally integrated collaborative systems and their support networks. It serves as primary advisory for policy and program initiation, and is responsible for all decisions that affect mission accomplishment.


9Stella Nyu Lui

Administrative Secretariat

The Administrative Secretariat provides executive level administrative and management assistance, plans policy and operating procedures, conducts research and provides internal/external assessments. It prepares reports, dispenses information, and maintains inter-departmental cohesion and coordination. It is an ex-officio member of the Advisory Collective.


man-people-office-writingFaris Acharya

Advisory Collective

The Advisory Collective serves as central point-of-contact for research, analysis, reports, source-information, and oversees all operations within its sphere of influence. It remains integral to all discussions, collaborative venues and decision-making processes, and advises the Directorate and the Secretariat on all matters of importance.


man-people-office-writingJanis Emerson

The Consiliarius Group

The Consiliarius Group consists of external senior analysts, educators, and advisors. It works in close cooperation with the Directorate and the Advisory Collective to provide objective appraisal, root-cause assessment, and insightful analysis of issues identified as major concern. Input provided is used to formulate solutions to problems incurred.


We foster the mind-set necessary for a diverse humanity to garner a collective will and marshal values-deliverable to achieve global prosperity.

We are Prallagon

The challenging opportunity we face as a global human development consultancy, lies in devising innovative frameworks to ensure that the input provided by an inclusive and diverse humanity, overwhelmed by desire to secure its long-term welfare, is used to help create those sustainable pathways it needs to achieve progressive futures.


Our core values define us as a pre-eminent consultancy.
Engaged in the pursuit justice in all undertakings.


Sustainable Pathways


We are forward-thinking and demonstrate sound leadership skills. We provide spiritual-based solutions that are incisive, often intense, and come with extended time-horizons. They achieve fulfilment when sustainable pathways are created and successfully deployed to systematically advance human development in the global environment.


Advancing an effective, compelling and memorable portfolio.
We provide values-deliverable to secure progressive futures.


Values Deliverable

Providing New Perspectives

To achieve secure futures humanity must change its thinking in ways that accommodate new perspectives and innovative ideas about how to resolve ages-old problems. We approach problems from different angles, seeing them as opportunities for growth, and we work with stakeholders to provide creative solutions via ‘new perspectives’.


New perspectives for a 'best value' experience.
Inclusive to our trilateral paradigm.


Trilateral Paradigm

Creating Alliances

The value of alliances lies in the knowledge and unique perspectives gained by assembling collaborative teams whose members have a wide range of acquired experience and broad-based valued expertise. This is needed to help advance human development in order to achieve sustainable goals.


Facilitating diverse opinions though collaborative exchange.
Putting knowledge and skills to effective use.


Valued Experience

building partnerships

We are engaged with our strategic partners, who understand the need for achieving global human development goals, in applying their expertise and unique set of skills to help create strategy and acquire the resources need to meet stated objectives. Building and fostering a relationship with partners can, through collaboration and innovation, make all the difference in future success.


Partners focus on problems matching their expertise.
Reliable people addressing a wide range of issues.


Support Agents


Leadership is strategically positioned. It inherits a moral component to guard against nefarious activity. It embodies integrity, is visionary, exercises forbearance, and remains committed to a challenge. It has strong affinity for civic duties, does not deviate from its commitment to justice, and remains vociferous in spearheading positive change in human affairs.


The requirement for law in this age of global transition is to reinstate authority and renew the linkages between society, law and virtue, and strengthen its relationship with spirituality. At this level the true nature of law is revealed, to promote the development of character, guarantee higher levels of freedom in society, and as bedrock for sustainable achievements.

Public Policy

A public policy is generally not one tangible asset but rather a collection of laws, mandates, or regulations established through a political process. We provide insights into change-based procedures that when inacted ensure policy and associated decisions are able to achieve social and economic wellbeing for citizens of state and by extension, a global citizenry.


Governance is the process of governing that is inclusive to state authority, informal organizations, family, institutions and others to exercise authority and control through the laws, norms, and power of an organized society. Our objective is introducing ethical performance criteria into systems of governance as a means to secure the publics’ welfare.

Virtues and Values

A virtue is a universal value if it has the same value or worth for all. We place value in a global context and identify its relationship with human diversity. The foundation for this view resides in the belief that humankind is a unique and noble species that resides...

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The Way Forward

The way forward requires humanity to pursue a positive directional change in its affairs if it is to achieve some margin of sustainability. This requires a major change in thinking, especially how we perceive ourselves, and it's base effort is self-leadership. We must...

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Strategic Positioning

Strategic positioning simply means placing for deployment the quality of leadership required to agitate for paradigmatic shifts in human thinking. It’s primary intent is to offset excessive negative underpinnings in society that diminishes human will, to be replaced...

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prallagon | STANDPOINT

To serve humanity, to join in the effort to advance humankind, you must see clearly and be able to relate the abstract and the concrete in such a manner that your personal life posit the true nature of what it means to be human. Mankind is an enormously diverse entity-of-one. It advances based on spiritual values, moral principals, empathy, intellectual curiosity, inherent creativity, and a collective will inspired by the pursuit of justice.

8346 NW 66th St., A5783
Miami, Florida USA 33166

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