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The Academy for Global Human Development is engaged in academic instruction, research, discourse, consultation, and decision-making.  It dispenses the knowledge acquired through the Center for Strategic Knowledge, the Prallagon Institute, Prallagon Consulting services, and external resources to help resolve global problems and to ally common concerns for the future wellbeing of humanity.  The Academy's functions are interlinked with all aspects of the Prallagon community.  

Our academic programs are designed based on information modules provided by a series of interconnected mediums and internal support programs that with scientific analysis create idea innovations placed for consideration.  The results are ‘actionable knowledge’ (internal descriptor) deemed important for academic discourse to understand global challenges and how to resolve them.

Our Focus

The Academy is focused on educating and training aspirants in the concepts, principles, and methods that through actionable knowledge can be implemented with the intention to advance human endeavor in a global context. Actionable knowledge requires a purpose, a premise that leaves no doubt about the process (causality) required to produce an action. It means incorporating new knowledge as your life’s passion, to implement a concept or principle you’ve learned into daily practice, to decide on a new routine or a change of habit where the goal is to provide a service that inspires global human development.


The process of individual transformation is a vital component of society-building that has serious implications for the advance of civilization.  Its realization depends on learning, the transformative power that actionable knowledge provides.  It is this knowledge that arises from conflict experienced between two or more clashing norms, where the one in place for an extended period refuses recognition to the new arrival.  This concerns reforms of complex systems that occur in every social order, past, present, and future.  We recognize opportunity robbed of perception when weak evaluative processes occur at any period to stymie human creativity.             


Procedures shape values and values shape procedures.  We choose a procedure to accomplish a goal, and successful societies pursue goals by methods within reach.  When procedures embody standards to test and redefine goals, it enhances a peaceful evolution towards more complex social structures.  Orchestrating behavior around fair procedures can trigger adaptive responses while preserving societal functions during transitions to new behaviors.  In this way, actionable knowledge provides the basis for an evolutionary social system made by the clash of norms which brings about opportunities imbued with the perception that when tested they spark creative potential. A key feature of instruction to achieve global resonance.

Shared Human Identity

The question before us is whether it’s possible for human beings to develop a ‘species identity’ that will not suppress but enhance their other identities.  That humankind is a single unique species is a scientific fact.  The challenge we face is how this scientific fact can become accepted as the basis for shared species identity. This is one of several challenging opportunities undertaking by the Academy.

We must give consideration to developing a shared ethnic identity across differences on a global scale and in various civilization traditions to reflect on what a species identity might look like.  There must be a common understanding and agreed-upon ways for people to work together to achieve an agreed on common goal.  One way is to resolve problems that malign an ethnically diverse people retarding their efforts to achieve socio-economic, racial, and religious parity.  We can no longer pretend that the problem does not exist.


Religious groups have complex sets of attitudes about and relations with people of other religions.  Each religious tradition, handicapped by internal polarization, finds it hard to achieve a middle ground.  This happens as external group perceptions display ages-old hostilities, prejudices, antagonisms, and animosities.  Because the cultures of each religion are different and related feelings run deep, pragmatic resolutions that leave belief systems intact seems the only viable alternative to greater conflict, internal and external.  


The concept of a women’s culture is one of the great discoveries of feminism that first nurtured in private space (public space denied) prior to entry into full public discourse.  Much of the strength of public life and communal culture in any society has come from women’s culture—seen as teaching children, economy-based production of labor by women, and the traditional activity of women as peacemakers.  Removing negative designations of women in society will help achieve gender equality in the public sphere.


Within religious or secular-humanist beliefs, there are people in all countries who feel allegiance to a community that does not exist—the community of humankind.  It’s a country without borders with only one law—avoid during harm to any human being.  One cannot feel allegiance to an abstract idea.  If made operational through a set of understandings between governments, international agencies, and people across national borders, to include religion and various belief-systems, the final results is species identity.


Innovative Experience

The Academy is an innovative education and training provider delivering the means to incorporate new knowledge as life’s passion.  We operate in a challenging environment to pioneer unchartered advantage by discovering and implementing actionable knowledge to enhance the human experience in a global context.


Thematics manifested through collective endeavours.


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