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Advisory Collective

Through its mandate to elicit input with potential for problem solving, the Advisory Collective receives a broad-range of perspectives, information, analysis, and viewpoints from a vast assemblage of sources with broad spectrums.

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Mission Objectives

The Advisory Collective is the key advisory functionary within the consultancy’s operating frameworks. It comprises subunits of researchers, writers, data analysts, systems engineers, collaborative groups, forums, networks, and others that carryout the work of the organization’s internal/external core functions. As the primary center for research, collaborative interchange, and data analyst that influence major decisions and advisory functions, it administers internal work and offsite operations that operate within its sphere of influence. The advisory collective receives its assignments from the directorate through its secretariat and with whom it consults on all matters of importance.



The Advisory Collective uses functionalities and methodologies specific to serve its primary purpose and assigned tasks. It places into effect a functionality known as ‘Trilateral Systems Integration’, an enhanced data systems process that depends on the organization’s trademark ‘Trilateral Operand’ for its deployment and operability.


Achievements made possible through the advisory collective, unique understandings of old problems, find innovative approaches to solutions based on information and analysis gained from a variety of disciplines, then processed and consulted on with conclusions reached and results disseminated to facilitate advantage in resolving intractable situations.


The advisory sub-units work together to form a core group not to exceed twelve. Though each operates within an assigned mode, still, they consult within and among units working in tandem to achieve overall goals and objectives. Their net worth lies in being independent and aim, though not aloof, in their efforts to establish successful alliances and enduring partnerships, both within and across cultural and social divides, inclusive of diverse ethnic boundaries, to fulfill the ideals and purposes of the consultancy as championing for strategic methodologies to achieve global human development.

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