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African Empires

The ancient Nile Valley was the site of classical African Civilization at its highest point, the land of the burnt-faced people of Ethiopia, that gave birth to the world's oldest monarchy: The Ta-Seti of Ancient Egypt, known as "Kmt".

Great Issues of Race

"This work begins where the history of the Blacks began, In Egypt (Northern Ethiopia) and the Sudan (Southern Ethiopia). Thus, at the very outset, I clash head-on with the Caucasian version of African history. My focus, then, is on the great issues in the history of the Blacks that emerge from this confrontation with white scholarship; for while I have covered much of the same ground explored by scholars before me, I have generally reached different conclusions than theirs, and from the same body of facts."

"I have made a blanket indictment of white Western scholarship on Africa. If it cannot be sustained, it should never have been made. They are brought under fire at various points throughtout this work--the kind of work, as I also had stated, should be absolutely needless in the closing years of the 20th century. The case against Western "Africanists" is rather fully set forth in the work itself,..."

The Destruction of Black Civilization: Great Issues of Race From 4500 B.C. to 2000 A.D. By Dr. Chancellor Williams.  Pg. 35. Third World Press, Chicago, IL, 1987. ISBN: 0-88378-030-5 (paper).

Africans who first populated the earth gave birth to and significantly influenced the world's oldest and most magnificent civilisations throughout time.

Clearly the history of Black people dates back to a period well before they were enslaved and colonised. That there is such a history worth discussing was well stated many years ago by Prof. William Hansberry, the venerable African-American historian, in a lecture titled:  Early African Civilizations.

In View Of Western Scholarship

The ongoing efforts made by Western scholarship to completely distort the world's view of Africa has and will continue to perpetuate psychological 'warfare' on the human physic world-wide. If left uncorrected it will not bode well for human society. The problem is so extensive that true peace, happiness, and prosperity can not be secured until our minds are completely cleansed and our psychics rebuild from the damage done by more that 500 years of misinformation.

global white supremacy

A Global Critical Race and Racism Framework: Racial Entanglements and Deep and Malleable Whiteness

Twenty years after Bonilla-Silva developed the analytic components of a structural race perspective and called for “comparative work on racialization in various societies,” U.S.-centric race theory continues to be mostly rooted in a U.S. focus. What is missing is a framework that explores race and racism as a modern global project that takes shape differently in diverse structural and ideological forms across all geographies but is based in global white supremacy. Drawing from Bonilla-Silva’s national racialized social systems approach, global South scholars, and critical race scholars in the world-systems tradition, the author advances a global critical race and racism framework that highlights two main areas: (1) core components that include the “state,” “economy,” “institutions,” and “discourses” and “representations,” as divided by “racist structure” and “racist ideology” and shaped by the “history” of and current forms of transnational racialization and contemporary “global” linkages, and (2) the production of deep and malleable global whiteness. With this framework, both the permanence and flexibility of racism across the globe can be seen, in all its overt, invisible, and insidious forms, that ultimately sustains global white supremacy in the twenty-first century.

What Is Environmental Racism?

All are examples of environmental racism, a form of systemic racism whereby communities of colour are disproportionately burdened with health hazards through policies and practices that force them to live in proximity to sources of toxic waste such as sewage works, mines, landfills, power stations, major roads and emitters of airborne particulate matter. As a result, these communities suffer greater rates of health problems attendant on hazardous pollutants. Access link.


Environmental Injustice
The history of disproportionate environmental impacts on Black, Indigenous, and people of color often goes back for centuries. A recent review of 141 Indigenous groups by University of Helsinki conservation researcher Álvaro Fernández-Llamazares and colleagues published in the journal Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management shows how colonialism directly led to the development of environment-polluting infrastructure built without the consent of — and differentially affecting — communities in their territories.
African Spirituality

We bring together thought, ideas, research and information that shed light on the principles and characteristics of Black African peoples, their history and heritage from antiquity. We exhume and explore the roots of their humanity and bring to the fore their vision, spirituality, endurance and fortitude to be used as bedrock from which to plan long-term sustainable development objectives to foster systematic and progressive achievements; which, through a collective effort that’s global in scope, over time, will lay groundwork for a lasting universal peace and global prosperity.

The Politics of Archaeology in Africa

The politics of archaeology in Africa has been no less marked by variety. Yet, underlying this multiplicity of historical experience are a number of common themes and ideas. This review traces the engagement between archaeology and politics in Africa through an exploration of these common themes: first, as a colonial science in the context of European conquest and the subjugation of African people and territories; second, in the context of colonial administration and the growth of settler populations; third, in the context of resistance to colonialism and a developing African nationalism; and fourth, in a postcolonial context, among whose challenges have been the growing illicit trade in antiquities originating in Africa, and (in the past two decades) the decline in direct funding for departments of archaeology in universities and museums.

“If you educate a man you educate one individual, but if you educate a woman you educate a family.” -African Proverb


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Sustainable achievements

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