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Afro-World Perspective on Sustaining Objectives to right historical wrongs

building an inclusive history of humankind

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The Afro-World now finds itself at a critical juncture in its long, tortious and aggrieved history that dates as far back as the slave trade in East Africa during the 1700 and 1800s, then witnessed by an increase of merchant activity from Oman that had settled in Zanzibar. “Long forgotten is the dark past that overshadowed this... archipelago [Zanzibar], which today is a semi-autonomous region of Tanzania, but back then was... the center of the East African slave trade”.


From a historical perspective, the enslavement of Africans is also “traced back to antiquity when it became popular in the 7th century” BEC. This was when Islam was gaining strength in Northern Africa; realizing that this occurred “seven centuries before Europeans explored the continent and ten centuries before they transported Africans across the Atlantic Ocean for enslavement in the Americas.


Our purpose is not to recount details of these dastardly deeds, but to show the expanse of time in which they occurred, and point out that this is a main reason we now find an African Diaspora existing in wide-ranging geographic locations. Africa and its Diaspora are now at the tenable position in history now able to project a spiritual awareness of humanity that champions justice in all avenues and quarters of human endeavour, to set aright the Eurocentric distorted history of humankind and lay the foundation for a more inclusive humanity global in scale, a project of immense proportion.

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Major Challenge: white power structures

A Global Critical Race and Racism Framework:
Racial Entanglements and Deep and Malleable Whiteness.

The prevailing white power structures continue with deplorable methods of repression that keep African peoples relegated to a concocted sub-human status. White racial supremacy flourishes, and it continues to survive by edifying a social and economic system based on twin abiding deities: racism and materialism—intertwined dogma upon which human subjugation is based. Created first by the Arabs during the East African slave trade, it found continuity during the enslavement of West African peoples upon their arrival in the Americas.

Community Solidarity

Mass Movement

The only hope for racial unity that will liberate the Blacks in America and elsewhere throughout the Afro-World, and command the respect of a traumatized world, will be a new mass movement organized on a global scale with an inclusive action plan never attempted. This will require a new leadership, a leadership with the single purpose of helping Black people move towards a better life, and in the process revolutionize humanity’s perspective of itself based on the principle of oneness, to include commonality and identity as a species when viewed through the prism of an inherent spiritual core. Benefits derived from this process lie in showing a leadership role for humanity to follow that’s above and beyond the falsehood of white racial supremacy, all while eliminating black-on-black self-hatred within the Afro-World itself. This provides the means to achieve unity in purpose and community solidarity that’s commiserate with the goals and objectives of this transitory age. Ref.: Global Reach Initiative, Slide #10, New York City, below.


Plan of Action

Our plan is not African or African diaspora specific, but remains inclusive of the human family, no matter the geographic location. Our call is for mass concentrated effort to embrace a new paradigm of a social and economic nature designed to encompass, galvanize, and revitalize those positive aspects of human society. Each societal element will embrace the plan based on its specific perspective.

Africa and its diaspora have a unique responsibility in this process, as a vanguard, because of their ingrained and abiding spirituality that dates far into antiquity, strengthened in recent centuries by insidious repression, well documented in the annals of history, which no one can deny.

We work with the indigenous peoples, that also marginalized community, and with all like-minded individuals who seek release from oppression. We offer an interrelated opportunity that’s global in its scope, ideas, and actions.

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Humanity's Oneness

Science-based reality that humanity exist scientifically comfortable in its oneness as a species.

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Species Identity

Humanity becomes couscous of its identity as a species , that it does not override their original identities.
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Inherent Spiritually

Spirituality is the element that forges a couscous reality of humanity's oneness and its stance, globally.
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Gender Justness

Relations between the sexes is not a polar opposite but interlinked activity designed to foster a greater union.

European History

Never reduce "...the intellectual richness of European history solely to the vicious European crimes against humanity, especially against Third World peoples...All the elements for a solution to the major problems of humanity existed at one time or another in European thought. But the Europeans did not act on the mission that was designated them."

"The Third World must start over a new history of man which takes account of not only the occasional prodigious theses [thesis] maintained by Europe but also its crimes..."

"Moreover, if we want to respond to the expectation of the Europeans we must not send them back a reflection, however ideal, of their society and their thought that periodically sickness even them."

"For Europe, for ourselves and for humanity, comrades, we must make a new start, develop a new way of thinking, and endeavour to create a new man."

Frantz Fanon, The Wretched of the Earth.

How it Works

shape the future

The challenge before people of Africa and African descent is to marshal the vision, moral courage, wisdom and collective will in ways that reflect the strength and durability of their forefathers, then undertake an immense and unrelenting task of leading a spiritual-based revolution to edify the human family. This is not to proselytize a particular religious belief, but to be appreciative and with respect for religious diversity and the spiritual principles expressed in common by each.



The main focus for this effort is on the Black community in the United States because, whether they are aware of it or not, they are in the best position to be the leading example for Africa and its Diaspora.


Liberating minds

By studying African peoples together with those of African descent and their condition, what it reveals is the tragic occurrence and extent to which a dominant group (whites) could shape and control an oppressed group (blacks). Unlike other liberated people, the Blacks suffered mental enslavement even after their physical emancipation. Times have changed to where Black people must now see themselves as the epitome of a spiritual-based endeavor to capture and instill equality and dignity into the human equation to vitalize a world-wide transformation.


Spiritual requisite

The primary task is to determine the course of civilisation. This means to assess the spiritual acumen of those positioned to work at the highest levels of human endeavours, enlist cooperation from all aspects of the human family, and seek the involvement of religious faiths and faith-based communities as they are concerned with improving human relations and the quality of life itself.

Global Reach Initiative



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