Global Action Plan

Kindle the fire

Precepts to Advance
the human condition

Process of Change

Arise to serve and kindle the fire, that through collective participation to advance the intellectual and spiritual capacity of the human species (humans have both a spiritual and material dimension), the resultant permutation quantifies the early stages of egress from static reasoning and expostulation to that which gives rise to the creation and permanency of a global public policy; an evolutionary phase that sets forth a moral compass to guide and convey “Power to the People”, in concept and in reality, a process of progress change.

Moral Principles

To foster viable societies now in protracted evolution is the key needed to achieve an as yet unknown but inevitable sustainable destiny. As a perquisite, we stress the need to integrate moral principals and spiritual attributes as strategic criteria into development planning. This will help guarantee quality decision-making that’s necessary to show viability of the planning process, achievable goals and objectives, processes, and procedures for implementation. This shows goodwill by key operatives (i.e., planners, experts, stakeholders, laypersons, etc.) who must aspire to convey trust to the masses, those upon whose shoulders will rest the burden of responsibility for the success or failure of any development project.


Trilateral integration postulates humanity is a same-source entity with an inherent spiritual commonality that validates its uniqueness as a species. This commonality defines it humanity as an inherent species of one, a source of identity from which it derives meaning, values and its innate creativity. As an ‘entity-of-one’ with a conscious reality, displays a vast array of religious heritage, myriad cultural and ethnic dynamisms, a complex social stratification, and a diversity of thoughts with means for persuasion. This rich and inclusive diversity reveals a unique and noble species equipt as a self-enabling resource.

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  • Comments made on sensitive issues relating to contemporary discourse, when viewed through a political lens or critical perspective, given the diverse nature of humanity, could be mis-interpreted or misconstrued in ways that presents a supportive view or critical attitude of social and political ideologies, special interests, or organized groups. This must be avoided, if possible, but understand that building unity in diversity can come with a steep learning curve.
  • Be aware of racist thoughts and tendencies. Strive to eliminate them. The same goes for tribal, gender, economic and social stigmas, among others. People will notice your efforts and, in most cases, they respond with appreciation. It denotes leadership in this transitory age of global human development.
  • Speech and deportment carry a tremendous amount of weight in how one communicates; with direct links to perception. Take care of how you present yourself.
  • Knowledge, along with the ability to communicate with insight on contemporary issues, will do much to garner the respect of your peers and others who need unbiased opinion and objective analysis to plan vital solutions.



  • An unbiased perspective can be hard to achieve and more difficult to maintain. Be aware of those educational systems that are aligned with and support government policies on issues that are not always seen as a viable option, or seem not to make sense. Over time, the net effect is damage to and control of the public's perspective of important issues and vital strategic programs, which can lead to societal unrest, decline and economic stagnation.
  • Another difficult challenge in achieving an unbiased perspective lies within centuries of social and economic conditioning placed in play by colonial and imperialistic systems of exploitation, the residue which still affects the western world to this day, as it seeks to embed its stamp on even larger segments of human populations worldwide, often with disastrous consequences.
  • The formable task before us is to think beyond, over and above, criteria upon which current social and economic systems are based, to plan new standards and undertakings fit to foster new age globalized realities, a perspective inherent to the Global Action Plan.



Collaboration and Consultation, principles of which are major drivers that will help humanity achieve its collective destiny. We are committed to a bedrock strategy that encourages proactive action by a world citizenry to assume responsibility for its collective destiny, a destiny based on the conscious reality of humanity as a family of one with recognition of species identity forever engraved on the human physic to advance the human condition toward achieving prosperous futures.

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Strategic Planning

Based on our assessment of global conditions, we place humanity at the precipice of a new reality, one that harbours a malign influence far beyond human imagination. However, evidence suggests that we have the means to diminish its invasive character. First, we must consider how and why we have arrived at this critical juncture in history and then plan long term to provide the means that will help mitigate a perhaps extensive traumatic experience. Its dependent upon a network of crafty strategists.

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Humanity's Oneness

Science-based reality that humanity exist scientifically comfortable in its oneness as a species.

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Species Identity

Humanity becomes couscous of its identity as a species , that it does not override their original identities.
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Inherent Spiritually

Spirituality is the element that forges a couscous reality of humanity's oneness and its stance, globally.
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Gender Justness

Relations between the sexes is not a polar opposite but interlinked activity designed to foster a greater union.

Human Rights

Statement on Collective Participation

One of the greatest challenges facing the global community is Human Rights. It lies at the heart of much present-day discussion of a strategy to heighten its influence on social and economic development. We must free the shaping of such a strategy from blind analysis and the false dichotomies that have held it static in social discourse, often bound by narrow views and ineffective persuasions. For us, human rights are rights inherent for all human beings to enjoy, to include—freedom of education and its supporting activities that are conducive to personal growth, thought, action, health, material well-being, and spiritual development. It does not identify with nor does it justify the current devotion to ‘individualism’ that advocates the pursuit of individual rather than common or collective interests and endeavours. Therefore, the aim of our Global Action Plan is not to stymie individual pursuits but to place them in a holistic perspective, where the fruits of their efforts also benefit collective endeavours to advance human society. This process involves the four assigned elements seen above to include the descriptive units as described below.

Conceptions of Power

The conception of political power itself needs to undergo a transformation if the essential relationships defining human society are to evolve in keeping with the maturation of the human race.


State of Being—Trusteeship. Humanity's spiritual core provides foresight, planning, inventiveness, freedom of expression, and the ability of discovery. This empowers a reality of individual and collective trusteeship.

Towards A Viable Global Ethos

An objective approach to a long-term cohesive global public policy that provides an inclusive way to manage an emerging global ethos.

Faith-Based Community

Relgion-Eliminating polarized patterns of thought and behavior. In non pulvinar purus. Curabitur nisi odio, blandit et elit at, suscipit pharetra efficitur elit.

Political Stability

Key points in line with our premise on the positive effects political stability has on society as a driver for good will, economic growth & development.

Language & Communication

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Work Ethic

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