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Alternative Education

Changes and developments throughout the world have now reached ‘warped speed’ and educational systems now overtaken by increasing demand for innovation, struggle to prepare already unprepared student populations with the quality of innovative education needed to function in a globalizing world.

The task is daunting because parents, teachers and educational institutions, thought forewarned, surprised and sometimes ill-advised, remain in a state of unpreparedness as they now struggle to plan, devise, and implement those change-requirements needed to prepare children to function in this still unknown but continuing to develop global world.


But there is a major problem. The need for innovative education, economic, and social criteria in this new era is revealed when unfolding events clash with age-old customs spawned during the apocalyptic colonial era and further exacerbated by events that transpired during an egregious and imperialistic past.


The effects of a residual mindset traceable to those times have now combined with the lingering, deleterious, and insatiable materialistic orientation that grew out of the era of industrialization. These have now morphed into an unbridled dysfunction that’s bent on resisting change. It supports many long-standing social ills and those entrenched economic systems considered not viable for human progress in the current globalizing environment.


However, there are alternative education systems now in effect to combat long-standing social and economic ills. We list several for your review and analysis to gain an understanding and appreciation for the effort required to go against the grain and readjust the human psychic to accommodate diverse change. We do not prioritize, nor do we recommend or support one over the other.


At Prallagon, we always provide a variety of materials for our clients and others to consider. No one source can provide solutions to the many problems humanity now faces. Good ideas presented through dialogue, collaboration, and experience with 'trial and error' often at the forefront can reveal doable answers to what might seem to be intractable problems.


We have abiding trust in the power, ability, decisiveness, and creativity of a collective endeavour by a responsive humanity focused on the endowed and inherent qualities of humankind, when driven by its spiritual inheritance and inclusive diversity, will resolve those ills that stifle humanity’s progress to achieve its long-sort prosperity.


Please be object and respectful when viewing the material, even though you may disagree with the medium through which they present it.


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