social justice

If social justice is to suceed it must overwhealmingly project spiritual values.  This will result in marshalling collective endeavours to guarentee that everyone has access to economic security, political parity, human rights, and opportunites that comes with training and education. If we are truly “our brother’s keeper“, such an acknowledgement will inspire concerted action to ensure quality of life for all humanity.



The Prallagon Global Human Development Initiative addresses the need for paradigmatic shifts in thinking to execute quality performance required for leadership, law and governance to meet increasing demands and unfolding requirements made by a growing global community and its attendant ethos. Implementation and fulfillment of this process is contingent upon the aforementioned operating in tandem with each criterion listed below.

Public Policy

Viable upport structures (i.e., societies) now in protracted evolution are the key to achieving an as yet unknown but inevitable sustainable destiny for humanity. We champion the devising of a cohesive global public policy that stresses moral and spiritual imperatives as prime requisites for decision-making and encourage goodwill by personal example. To be clear, we believe that to achieve a sustainable future will depend on humanity’s embrace, as a species, of its inherent moral and spiritual attributes and then plan their usage in a manner deemed appropriate to advance societal goals.

Primary Instrument

Systematic approaches to solution formulations capable of resolving current and future global challenges must guide a cohesive global public policy platform.  All approaches depend on a major segment of the world’s population having attained a conscious-reality that humanity is a same-source entity that exist comfortable as a unique species.  This principle is the primary instrument to ensure humanity’s progressive advance toward stable maturity. It can engender an emphatic consciousness that adheres to the reality that humanity’s inherent and complex diversity is its most valuable asset, an untapped resource whose unlimited creative potential when galvanized will guide humanity through successive stages of growth and systematic achievements over the long-term. Therefore, the aforementioned instrument is a first-tier prerequisite for our continued progress as a species to embrace a prosperous future.  

Organic Change

The Prallagon Global Human Development Initiative supports creating a cohesive global public policy and work in tandem to spearhead an organic change in society. Over time, inadequate social systems and archaic governing structures will be replaced with uniquely designed service orientated frameworks.


Then will emerge least expected requirements along with innovative criteria to assist humanity through adolescence in its quest to achieve maturity.

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Strategic Criterion

We investigate and create ways in which to advance human development to benefit local communities and expand on a global stage.

Understand Change

Change is an opportunity to experience the growth required to evolve as a global citizen. It requires demonstrating moral courage.

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Sustainable policy - doable objectives

Creating policy networks to provide research, experience, and expertise engaged in planning and collaborative decision-making.


Our focus is to strengthen the inter-connective links of basic human qualities to enable the innate capacity to foster alternative thinking.
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Trusted Strategy

To enhance the global human development process—planning, education, training, research—using advanced technology.

Global Reach Initiative



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