global human development




seeking 'best value'

to resolve social and economic problems


Human development within a global context cannot effectively advance by remaining socially isolated or by operating solely within a static procedural context steeped in economic dogma. An appreciative perspective must be acquired for humanity’s vast ethnic and cultural diversity, its gender viewpoints, social heritages, religious affiliations, creative dynamism, and individual and collective spiritual vitality. These elements are inherent to humanity’s very existence and must be galvanized through positive reinforcement to secure sustainable pathways.


Social and economic viability is not solely dependent upon advancing technologies. Our strategic initiative focuses on progressive and lasting change that comes about from acquiring qualities and attitudes that foster creative and cooperative endeavors in human behaviour. When these elements are combined with spiritual perception and empathic consciousness, ‘best value’ then emerges. This is foundation for inclusive human performance through collective will. Performance is then elevated to create and spearhead those sustainable pathways needed to achieve social and economic viability over extended time-horizons.


As a development consultancy, our mission is to foster innovative practices able to establish sustainable pathways in human performance. Our firm’s operating efficiency is based on the unified practice of leadership, law and governance—elements that combine to delineate the role and capacity of our Strategic Global Human Development Initiative.


The purpose of planning is to help achieve sustainable outcomes. Sustainability is about making social, economic, environmental, and development decisions for the progress of current and future generations. Our overall strategic plan, policy initiation, and program implementation is designed to bring this to fruition.


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