Building Human Capacity

Jul 15, 2017 | blog

Building Human Capacity

Building human capacity requires unique understandings, innovative ideas, and cutting edge activities based on mediums of learning that embrace a new worldview. Utmost attention must be given to those dynamics that are propelling an evolving global community and its complex ethos.

Critical Mass

This process concerns ‘Critical Mass’, the point where the relationship between the individual and society achieves reciprocity, and where conscious reality firmly engages the inherent oneness of the human species. When this happens building human capacity truly starts to emerge. Abject stereotyping recedes to be replaced by a natural order based on acknowledgement of the interrelationship and interdependency that exist between the individual, family, community and the greater society, and by extension the world community.


Public Welfare

The transformative process of building human capacity in society must occur simultaneously with the restructuring of it's institutions in ways that guarantee the public welfare. This undertaking is process-dependent relying on moral courage, ethical frameworks, spiritual values, and unquenchable desire for justice. Leadership, thus instilled, must encapsulate a global perspective imbued with empathic consciousness.  When this occurs leadership is then able to demonstrate willingness to engage a diverse humanity in collaborative undertakings, make unified decisions, and take appropriate actions to achieve sustainable goals.

Sustained Effort

This challenging goal orientated task requires systematic and sustained effort that's global in scope and designed to penetrate humanity's false boundaries and operate within it's closeted divides, those real and imagined. It will be extensive, extremely challenging, vastly complex, and will involve unknowable extended time-horizons with no end in sight.  Throughout this undertaking humanity will face know but mostly unknown and highly unpredictable difficulties.  Each will require objective assessment that will often be followed by unrequited points-of-view.  These too will need to be resolved.


No matter the circumstance, loyalty intertwined with unbridled commitment must remain foremost in every decision.  Success is contingent upon principles of justice enshrined as bedrock in decision-making.

At stake is global prosperity.



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