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Global Consciousness


From time to time we will post articles of interest from various sources that convey a variety of ideas and perspectives about this era of global transitioning.

It is hoped that you will find that which expands your understanding of what is being required of humanity to reach a higher level of maturity and achieve progressive outcomes that will help guarantee sustainable futures.

The article reflects on the following “Essential Questions”:

Who Makes Decisions for Humanity?
How Do WE Transform Ourselves to Meet Global Challenges?
How Do We Transform Our Institutions to Reflect Our Highest Values?
Can I Make a Difference?

Reference: ‘Awakening Global Consciousness: Why It is Vital for Cultural Sustainability’, by Ashok Gangadean, Co-Convener of the World Commission on Global Consciousness and Spirituality, and others. It was highlighted in a condensed version written by Cynthia Wigglesworth (2002-2004), based on the original version published in Kosmos Journal: An Integral Approach to Global Awakening (Spring/Summer 2004. Vol. III, No. 2.). PDF Format.

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