Strategic Leadership

Jul 18, 2017 | blog, Leadership

Strategic positioning simply means placing for deployment the quality of leadership required to agitate for paradigmatic shifts in human thinking. It’s primary intent is to offset excessive negative underpinnings in society that diminishes human will, to be replaced by effective guarantors required for humanity’s survival.


Humanity is in crisis, experiencing unprecedented turbulence on a daily basis. This situation confronts and confounds a moribund leadership, a leadership that demonstrates lack of ability and the will required to edify a world citizenry. It remains fixated on decades-delayed solutions and ages-old methodologies to resolve current global challenges.

“People naturally try to wrap their heads around unfamiliar and challenging situations by comparing them to what has come before…searching for the best historical analogy to help them understand what is happening to the global order.”

Times have changed, and given the nature of humanity’s current situation this is not a viable approach.


A long-term and systematic solution we offer to reap benefit from this challenge is strategic positioned leadership. This leadership does not involve itself in intellectual discourse to repudiated time-honored virtues. Instead, it applies appropriate methodologies to foster comprehensive realities that provide means for improving quality of life. It is leadership prepared to exert moral, ethical and intelligent leverage along with spiritual insight into policy and planning, and decision-making authorities to achieve long-sought sustainable results.

Before proper solutions can be implemented, leadership must first acquire a defining role— one with forward vision, remains proactive, demonstrates unrelenting moral courage, renown for integrity and forbearance, and whose primary intent is the pursuit of justice in all undertakings. It can then be strategically positioned to engage human diversity in collective effort to create and implement moral and spiritually based resource-reliant policies that guarantee sustainable pursuits over the long term. This affords unique opportunities to place into effect incorruptible leadership at all levels of society.

A strategically positioned leadership is now a moral and spiritual imperative. Innovation, creativity, and flexibility are required for proactive and protracted decision-making in what have become a crisis prone, constantly shifting, and extremely complex global environment. Leadership is challenged to initiate positive intercourse and build alliances within and across diverse and seemingly intractable stakeholder divides.

The stakeholder community (humanity) is a vast and inherently vital resource that harbors complex points-of-view, all vying for recognition. Inclusive of social stratification, conflicting agendas, cultural and ethnic persuasions, and differing economic platforms and political ideologies, it remains a massive challenge.

Leading by example, strategically positioned leadership encapsulates integrity, promotes honesty, and demonstrates trustworthiness. These are virtues that influence public opinion, and galvanize human will to engage in positive social interaction. The ultimate objective is to achieve social stability and advance the public’s welfare.

● Provides assurance that is felt far beyond the venue in which it operates.

● Prepared to capitalize on opportunities presented by global uncertainties, dysfunctional political systems, and social abnormalities.

● Animated through knowledge of the oneness of the human family and champions practices that reflects this principle.

● Beacon of hope and a refuge for a troubled humanity, instills pride, manifest courage, and promotes ingenuity.

● Operates with specificity to initiate crucial activities that accomplish goal attainment.

● Endowed with ethical imperatives, it imbued with global vision and demonstrates empathy and justice.

Strategic positioned leadership remains true to its mandate—to spearhead positive directional changes in human affairs.

Strategic Positioning



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