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Sustainable Development

Strategic Cirteria For Systematic Achievements

Sustainable Development Criteria

The important efforts made to achieve economic viability and expand knowledge at all levels of society will have a profound impact on sustainable development initiatives and globalized public policy.  It will lay foundations for a viable social and economic order that will cultivate the potential latent in human conciousness.  It’s a process of internal sourcing with the means to galvanize human potential.   Revealed through the actions of humanity’s vast, complex and multifaceted diversity, we will then understand the true nature and purpose of sustainable development.

This poses a serious challenge to economic thinking, where the primary emphasis is on materialistic attainment.  The classical economic model, based on impersonal markets that act as autonomous makers of self-regulating choices, does not serve the needs of a world desiring actionable ideals of unity and justice.  Tapping into the spiritual core of human understanding will equip people and institutions with the means by which they can free themselves from the fetter of materialistic preoccupations.  Positive results attained through dialogue, science, strategic planning, and quality decisions will enable efforts to realize globalized public policy; when implemented and through collective action will help fulfill humanity’s potential to achieve its collective well-being.  

The world urgently needs a new and inclusive systems approach to problem solving. One centered on recognizing creation as an organic whole and humanity as a species of one responsibility for its care.  However, this alone does not represent an encompassing influence that can establish a new system of values in human consciousness.  This will require a breakthrough in human understanding that is both scientific and spiritual in the fullest sense of the terms.  Together they will empower humanity’s will to assume the trusteeship for its wellbeing toward which history and current events impels it.


People eventually must recover the capacity for contentment, the acceptance of moral discipline, self-leadership, an abiding devotion to duty, and feelings of self-worth.  These essential characteristics of life mirrors qualities of leadership who most people will respond to in positive ways.  They demonstratively symbolize humanity’s coming of age.

There is an overpowering need for creating sustainable pathways to guide and secure humanity's progress in its quest for maturity, i.e., coming of age.  This will not be uneventful, but filled with vexing and taxing challenges.  The sustaining features of this quest and its success lie within the aforementioned human qualities expressed through emphatic conciousness. The concept of sustainable development and principles it represents must bind a segmented humanity, inspire the creation of enduring pathways, ensure quality of life, and secure human survival.


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