The Way Forward

Jul 19, 2017 | blog, Self-leadership

The way forward requires humanity to pursue a positive directional change in its affairs if it is to achieve some margin of sustainability. This requires a major change in thinking, especially how we perceive ourselves, and it's base effort is self-leadership.

We must focus inwardly to identify for development those inherent characteristics that through the power of collective will can propel humanity to achieve positive ends. At the individual level this places self-leadership, supported by spiritual vision and moral receptivity, as a first-tier requirement.

Those desiring to work in global human development must commit themselves to this process and then ‘swim upstream’ against the tide of public opinion. This is a challenge of severe proportion where “rubber meets the road” (an automotive term), meaning, the point where effort proves it’s worth. This relates to our continuing theme where the functions of leadership, law and governance are integrated as a unified construct. We now extended it to include self-leadership, acknowledging it as a first-tier preparatory requirement to engage values-deliverable. Once engaged aspirants soon learn that change is not readily nor easily accepted, and the way forward is a challenge of major proportion that demands fortitude and moral courage.

To meet this challenge we encourage aspirants to aspire to achieve full-blown leadership, but first strive to master the art of self-leadership. This means gaining insight into your personal 'self', understand the environment in which you exist, remain accountable for your actions, and support the development of those around you.

Self-leadership requires insight into aspects of character that can inspire spiritual growth and foster global human development. The next stage we identify as capable leadership. At this level ideas are clearly presented, goals and objectives clearly articulated, forbearance is demonstrated, and those served feel a sense of empowerment. This is the stage where sustainable pathways are created to guide the way forward.



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