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proactive culture through
partnerships and Alliances

How It Works

Within the context of an expanding global community and evidence of its attendant ethos, we establish and strengthen alliances to foster multi-stakeholder partnerships.  Through unity of purpose, we help spearhead the effort needed to offset negative assumptions that humanity lacks the will to achieve progressive futures.
We focus on the ‘diverse-unheard’, those who embrace learning, to help create social and economic innovations able to stabilize the human condition.  It requires building partnerships that encompasses a wide range of cultural, social, religious, ethnic and gender viewpoints.  In this way, to synthesis a range of ideas rather than placing sole reliance on programs prepared and delivered by external sources. People have a right to become involved in laying the foundation for planning those processes that will affect their future.
Leadership requires associated administrative skills to confront current global situations that demand effective strategies to address a myriad of crises, the least of which is CONDIV-19.  We face a world mired in environmental degradation, global warming, desertification, HIV/AIDS, failed states, unbridled corruption, moral bankruptcy and social decline, an excessive amount of materialistic consumption, armed aggression, warfare and many others too many to mention. The world stagnates because of the lack of effective and durable leadership in the face of declining resources and increased political uncertainties global in scale.  Excellent ideas based on ‘lessons learned’ languish while problems spiral out of control.  We often see best efforts to correct disparities labeled as too radical, considered non-expedient, or not “circumstance appropriate”; and takes place as both special interests, and partisan divides compete for the spoils. Thoughtful and caring individuals remain dumbfounded by the lack of human will (leadership) to address these concerns.
Those moral and ethical principles that form the core of Prallagon activities and highlighted by its core trilateral respondent, provide an impetus for building partnerships to help accomplish long-term United Nations development initiatives. In line with requirements and guidelines stated in Agenda 21, defined as “a comprehensive plan of action, and now its successor—‘Sustainable Development Goals, “Decade of Action, Deadline 2030", we will do our part to help the plan succeed.
A global human development policy must be all-encompassing. Though not yet designed and without a mandate or resource support, still, we must specify its functional criteria for drawing-board analysis. Our aim is to help ensure that such policy portends a systematic and progressive future, a future where increasing numbers of people become united in a common cause and have the tools they need to build individual and collective capacity to secure and expand the bounds of global prosperity.


'The Sustainable Development Goals are a first in human history—a global compact to create a future where nobody is left behind.'

Understand Change

Change is an opportunity to experience the growth required to evolve as a global citizen. It requires demonstrating moral courage.

Strategic Criterion

We investigate and create ways in which to advance human development to benefit local communities and expand on a global stage.


Our focus is to strengthen the inter-connective links of basic human qualities to enable the innate capacity to foster alternative thinking.

Trusted Strategy

To enhance the global human development process—planning, education, training, research—using advanced technology.

Global Human Development Initiative

Sustainable achievements

through justice

and sacrificial endevours.

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