Grow as a scholar, researcher, writer, and problem solver to make your mark as an aspiring global citizen. Acquire a better understanding of the world through exploring the breadth of academia within a vibrant, responsive, challenging intellectual community, the Burnshire Academy.

At its academic best, through research, analysis, and studies, Burnshire offers the opportunity to address issues homologous to social and economic development, public policy, law (domestic and international), political science, administrative and judicial systems of justice, and a host of others; to understand how global actors confront national and international challenges, to analyze and interrupt their processes and procedures, along with resulting outcomes. Based on in-depth studies, unique innovations, and data analysis, aspirants propose means to create and deliver those criteria that meet the demands being imposed by an emergent global ethos and its associated new era norms, as yet to be realized.

Operating under the mandate established by the Prallagon Consulting Group, the academy’s approach to human development is within the global context. Its programs are national and international in scope, interdisciplinary and principled in practice.


“The human race has entered a new stage in its collective development. Faced with both unprecedented perils and extraordinary opportunities, it becomes increasingly clear that we cannot avoid the spiritual and social challenges of jointly building a peaceful and progressive planetary civilization that embraces all its peoples. We are already inextricably engaged in a process of global transformation that affects both our inner lives and external conditions.”
—Uplifting Words


The Burnshire Academy is training a new generation of forward-thinking individuals. They are ready and willing to plan, provide research, and develop and implement the criteria needed to lead humanity’s transition into a new era.

The Academy introduces unique and well-defined means of education that provide a comprehensive approach to learning and training, one that seeks to reveal new knowledge systems, constructive perspectives, and methodologies as the basis for developing and guide new social and economic disciplines.

With the above as our guide, together with the core principle that humanity is an entity of one, we clearly state the mission of the Academy, which delineates its purpose and forthright requirements, and establishes those pristine objectives upon which academic pursuits are based.


We are engaged in an all-inclusive process based on research, real-world experience, and collaborative culture to reveal and make available new understandings able to challenge current static and moribund systems incapable of spawning the vital interest and intellectual life needed to galvanize human will to resolve the challenges faced in this age of global transitioning. It’s designed to meet the foundational criteria to secure current and future sustainable endeavours.


The basis for this endeavour lies within the unique Prallagon framework, for which the academy has a vital role. Our consultancy’s interlinked elements provide and gain support for all internal processes and procedures, that through collaboration, analysis, consultation and assessment, strategies revealed encourage humanity to assume responsibility for its collective destiny, a unique feature in academic discourse. This discourse represents an intuitive distinction and unspoken desire to manifest an inclusive concept for change, with unique approaches to meet today’s challenges and prepare for those in the unforeseen future.


Burnshire Academy’s academic pursuit is a continuing process that involves dialogue, study, research, reflection, collaboration, and consultation among students and faculty, whose positions are often interchangeable. We center it on the spiritual condition and commonality of the human species and the desire for unified collective action to resolve major problems.


Tools inherent and indispensable through efforts to provide insights into what may seem as intractable problems but in reality prove suitable to effect resolution. As the discourse strengthens and unfolds, a matrix grows and develops to shape a critical academic framework. It is this framework that challenges static and moribund systems incapable of spawning the vital interest and intellectual life needed to galvanize human will to provide the means to resolve a multitude of challenges, and create foundational prerequisites for a new era.

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Our paramount task is to act on new knowledge necessary to delineate those sustainable pathways needed for humanity’s systematic progression and milestone achievements over extended-time horizons into unknown futures.



The academy gains interactive support from the Institute For Global Promise, Center for Strategic Knowledge, Centre for Actionable Knowledge, Center for Community Partnerships, and the Global Reach Initiative. They are engaged in the tough challenge of investigating the true nature of the human species, its inherent commonalities and spiritual core, to reveal those unifying principles and pragmatic ways in which to edify human consciousness. The academy also receives data analysis from key internal sources. Together, they make it possible to translate knowledge gained into strategic undertakings and, when tested in real-world situations, determine their fitness for academic inclusion.

global in concept ✧ principled in LEARNING

Empowering New Era Transformation

Education and Training for Spiritual, Social & Economic Wellbeing


Our concept of academics encourages you to create new ideas and challenge yourself to open up new vistas in life. To discover who you are and what part you would like to play in world affairs. As humans struggle to transition from adolescence to a more mature existence, old concepts of human nature must change from separatist ideas of ‘them and us’ to become more inclusive. To accept humanity as an entity-of-one, as an infinite resource, and build upon that idea will pave the way for a purposeful life.

Our Focus

The Academy focuses on educating and training students in the concepts, principles and methods of ‘actionable knowledge’, that being implemented intending to advance human endeavor in a global context. It requires purpose, based on a premise that leaves no doubt about the process required to produce a positive outcome. It manifests as life’s passion to implement a concept or principle learned into daily practice, to decide on a new routine where the goal is to provide a service that inspires human progress.


Individual transformation is a vital component of society-building, with serious implications for advancing of civilization. It depends on knowledge and the transformative power that it provides. Knowledge arises from conflict experienced between two or more clashing norms, where the one existing refuses to recognize the new arrival. This complexity holds sway in every society, past, present and also for the future. We must avoid robbing opportunity is perception when weak processes occur to stymie human creativity.


Burnshire operates integral to the Institute For Global Promise. A core feature of the institute is to understand how and by what means truth can be forthcoming and what action to take when revealed. The quest for knowledge does not begin and end in words because knowledge by itself is not enough. We must gain the will to act in order to reveal its benefits. It requires study and hard work to bring knowledge and truth into being and exercise their mutual support elements, a process that will produce sustainable results.

Global Reach

The Academy operates integral to the Global Reach Initiative that executes agency philosophy, policy, goals and objectives to plan, promote and encourage unified effort to advance human endeavors based on principles of justice; supported by the reality that humanity exist as an entity-of-one. In this way, all agency work is channeled to support ‘global reach’ to collaborate, plan, educate, train, and interactive with stakeholders to provide the support they need to achieve local community sustainability.

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Progressive steps taken by humanity are aligned with it having gained the conscious reality of its oneness.
man reading


Research and analysis to plan and devise methods needed to advance human development time-progressive sequence.
women 3


The effect (result) that takes place in the line of causation (action) that depends upon two variables: space and time.

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