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Global in Concept Foremost In Action
The primary task of Burnshire Academy is to spearhead creating the new knowledge needed to delineate those sustainable pathways necessary for humanity’s systematic progression over extended-time horizons into unknown futures.

Supporting the Academy in its quest is the Institute For Global Promise, where its dual components: The Center for Strategic Knowledge and The Centre for Actionable Knowledge, engage the difficult challenge of investigating the true nature of humanity’s inherent commonalities and its spiritual core to reveal pragmatic ways to edify human conciousness to higher degrees of awareness; the former translates knowledges gained to plan and design strategic sustainable concepts, and the latter transforms those findings into actionable frameworks deemed fit for deployment.

This is the basis for acquiring the knowledge needed to plan long-term systematic, sustainable, progressive goals and objectives that will advance humanity to higher levels of conciousness and realize ever-maturing futures.

The future is full of uncertainties, is unpredictable, and therefore will remain unknown. Our method comes with understanding the need for adjustments to be made (ideas, concepts, processes, procedures, etc.) as time progresses. When encountering unknowns, unpredicable and unexpected circumstances, flexibility, analysis and reevaluation are key requirements.

Burnshire Academy is only one of several collaborative elements that makeup the consultancy’s core operability. The entire organization is based on a collaborative and consultation framework. It also garners support from external sources. Severe challenges now facing humanity and those to come requires ‘all hands on deck’.

The challenge is to reveal the knowledge needed to confidently address sustainability needs, the criteria required to effect positive change in human affairs. To plan ways to strengthen human resolve to use that criteria in ways that will foster societal well-being in evolving global environments while guiding it's immense emerging ethos.


Our concept of academics encourages you to create new ideas and challenge yourself to open up new vistas in life. To discover who you are and what part you would like to play in world affairs. As humans struggle to transition from adolescence to a more mature existence, old concepts of human nature must change from separatist ideas of ‘them and us’ to become more inclusive. To accept humanity as an entity-of-one, as an infinite resource, and build upon that idea will pave the way for a purposeful life.

Our Focus

The Academy focuses on educating and training students in the concepts, principles and methods of ‘actionable knowledge’, that being implemented intending to advance human endeavor in a global context. It requires purpose, based on a premise that leaves no doubt about the process required to produce a positive outcome. It manifests as life’s passion to implement a concept or principle learned into daily practice, to decide on a new routine where the goal is to provide a service that inspires human progress.


Individual transformation is a vital component of society-building, with serious implications for advancing of civilization. It depends on knowledge and the transformative power that it provides. Knowledge arises from conflict experienced between two or more clashing norms, where the one existing refuses to recognize the new arrival. This complexity holds sway in every society, past, present and also for the future. We must avoid robbing opportunity is perception when weak processes occur to stymie human creativity.


Burnshire operates integral to the Institute For Global Promise. A core feature of the institute is to understand how and by what means truth can be forthcoming and what action to take when revealed. The quest for knowledge does not begin and end in words because knowledge by itself is not enough. We must gain the will to act in order to reveal its benefits. It requires study and hard work to bring knowledge and truth into being and exercise their mutual support elements, a process that will produce sustainable results.

Global Reach

The Academy operates integral to the Global Reach Initiative that executes agency philosophy, policy, goals and objectives to plan, promote and encourage unified effort to advance human endeavors based on principles of justice; supported by the reality that humanity exist as an entity-of-one. In this way, all agency work is channeled to support ‘global reach’ to collaborate, plan, educate, train, and interactive with stakeholders to provide the support they need to achieve local community sustainability.

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