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Included are books, journals, articles, and blog posts. Themes mainly provide information that relates to global human development. All are accessible through the Topical Catalogue below.

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In most cases information is free. However, the systems alloys external procurement of items through Later, some items will be available internally for a small fee.


The Prallagon Library and its Topical Catalogue were designed to support the education and training programs hosted by both its inhouse Academy and the venerable research Institute. Priority is given to materials that project insights into innovative approaches that are able to advance global human development. The main idea is to inspire cutting edge research to reveal actionable knowledge that when incorporated into strategic planning lay the foundation for the creation of sustainable pathways to realize long-term systematic and progressive futures.

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We believe these publications will be a starter to opening minds to possibilities associated with the study requirements and practical aspects associated with global human development.

Beyond the Imagination

John Doe

Art & Design

Ethics of Art

Jane Moran

Art & Design

On a Design Race

Jessica Brand

Art & Design

How to Make a Website

Brenda Fallon



Global Studies




Knowledge Framework



There are two important issues to resolve to advance global human development. The first involves an awakening of humanity's spiritual core and, second, to achieve systematic progress in capturing the reality of humanity as a single viable entity-of-one, an entity worthy of a shared species identity to define its oneness as a species.

To accomplish these tasks, we must explore in what ways institutions and civil society actors can develop language that at once respects diversity and fosters shared identity.

As challenging opportunities, we do not take them lightly because the forces they exhibit will do much to create those sustainable pathways needed to secure humanity's systematic advance to achieve progressive and abundant futures.

Yes, getting involved might be easy. But to accept the challenges that come with being involved, to stay the course when problems arise and difficulties come to rest at your feet, that's when the inner-self has the chance to prove its worth.

Catalogue Database

Our online library catalog is an electronic bibliographic database that describes the books, videotapes, periodicals, and other offerings. Its serves as a resource to support the Prallagon consultancy, its activities, research, and academics.

Prallagon Repository

Soon to be added is our institutional repository built on the DSpace platform. It will provide access to in-house research output, speciality papers, publications, library collections, and more for open access with a user friendly format.

Partner With Us

We encourage the submission of external materials for review that are in keeping with our primary theme and objectives. In this way, a broad sharing of ideas is made available for evaluation and analysis.

Research Topics

We are open to suggestions for specific research topics that relate to human development in a global context. It also includes topicals with support elements considered relevant criteria for devising a global public policy platform.

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