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Center for
Strategic Knowledge

Wisdom Comes With Responsibility

Great teachers emanate from knowledge, empathy, Awareness, compassion, and Justice. Students as beneficiaries are endowed with the awesome responsibility to advance civilization.

Oneness of Humanity
Global Ethos

Knowledge Empowerment

The Center for Strategic Knowledge empowers aspirants in the use of methodologies effective in translating new knowledge into both individual and collective activities to achieve sustainable results. It opens up new fields of endeavor founded on moral and ethical principles to advance global human development.

Strategic knowledge empowers aspirants to use methodologies effective in translating new knowledge into both individual and collective action to achieve sustainable endeavors.  It results from efforts made to understand the spiritual side of human nature, its existence, and perhaps its reason for being.  Strategic knowledge opens up new fields of endeavor based on moral and ethical principles to advance global human development. It has less to do with materialistic pursuits but focuses instead on rethinking humankind from a spiritual perspective with its oneness and vast diversity as inclusive agents. Strategic knowledge recognizes that humanity’s spiritual dimension must receive importance as its material dimension and that social structures are needed to develop both.   

Strategic knowledge is transferable as actionable knowledge with both procedural and methodological influences in both individual and collective activities.  In context and practice, it comprises a wide range of properties across interlinking contexts: financial, cultural, political, institutional, technical, legal, etc. It also includes knowledge of the complexity1, complex events and adaptability2, provides retrospective coherence3, and understanding of emerging properties4 as opposed to predictability5.

Strategic knowledge is a forward vision to project and define solutions to complex problems that release humankind from the residue and destructive after-effects of a colonial past; where the value of human diversity gains meaning; that intercultural, cross-cultural, and transnational gender equity strives to become the norm; where both global and empathic consciousnesses have a resounding effect on our thinking; where children and youth are given priority in education and training; where education explores the inherent qualities of human nature; that differences in thinking, opinions, and aspirations of the sexes are better understood, and interdisciplinary approaches for effective decision-making become apparent.


Policy Engagement

Scholars, lay-persons, and experts interact to conduct research on topics of community, national, and international relevance. We serve as an indispensable resource to highlight the need for a cohesive global public policy that initiates human development in an exceedingly complex world.

Cohesive Global Public Policy


Leadership, Law & Governance

The trilateral’s applicability lies in moral leadership, a pivotal requirement. This leadership partners with law and governance to enhance the operational capabilities of governance based on principles of justice to expand the social environment and secure the publics’ welfare.

Trilateral Problem Solving


multidisciplinary research

Association for Public Policy Analysis & Management is dedicated to improving public policy and management by fostering excellence in research, analysis and education.

Policymakers - Practitioners - Scholars



Adaptability refers to the system's ability to alter, change, and learn from past experiences.

Systems Adjustiment


Joint Studies

  The institute promotes dialogues and creates joint studies with other institutions, experts and laypeople, local and international. In this way, we build a bridge between the community, academia, and public policy to inform and develop solutions to global challenges.

Global Public Policy Network


Global Public Policy Solutions

Finding solutions to global problems will not be easy, certainty not in short-sighted impulses, but by unity through collective effort to build authentic bonds of trust.  We need a renewal in language to inspire innovative forms of communication that achieve quality results.

Coalitions For Change

Cohesive Global Public Policy

Identify global issues negatively impacting society. Explore concepts, principles, and approaches used to define a cohesive global public policy.

Institute for Global Promise

Actionable knowledge requires translating it for constructive activity and performed by specialists who work in concert with Institute objectives.

Burnshire Academy

We strive to provide the innovative leadership needed on matters related to the advancement of human endeavors in often turbulent global environments.

Center For Actionable Knowledge

Overcomes the dichotomy of reducing learning (knowledge acquisition) to a rigid set of rules prior to activation for deployment.


Global Human Development Initiative

Sustainable achievements

through justice

and sacrificial endevours.

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