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Our entire Consultancy functions as a Center for Creative Intelligence. We bring together data from across the spectrum of our internal advisories, support systems, and academic institutions, and from external partners and well informed stakeholders; to include research, specialise studies, data analysis, and field experience. This systematic and tireless effort operates as a Conduit for Spiritual Based Solutions to resolve seemingly intractable problems.

Knowledge Acquisition

Invest in truth to gain 'New knowledge'

The Prallagon experience, by definition, is centered in the acquisition of collective knowledge. It both invites and provides unified associations committed to investigate truth as a source for new knowledge. It establishes ‘unity in purpose’ to plan and create for implementation those sustainable pathways able to achieve progressive futures.

Sources of knowledge are vast, no isolated concept operates alone, and no individual or agency can stake claim to having the supreme truth. An enduring challenge for humanity is to investigate the source of all things, to infuse wisdom and intelligence garnered from diverse sources to engage creative planning and forthright decision making.

Western concepts must not necessarily be considered as being superior to those representative of Asian, East-Asian, indigenous peoples, and others. A careful and unbiased reading of history teaches us that now weakened or even extinct human populations, in many respects, are/were more advanced in certain social and economic perspectives and systems than now govern many existing societies.

We now face a new reality, a defining moment in history that postulates humanity as an entity of one, a diverse species endowed with an innate spiritual capacity, infinite ability, and creativity. Humanity’s current and future progress depends on how it will address this new reality.

intellectual inquiry

● Manifest unity
● personal growth
● spiritual acumen
● commitment
● attainment

Resident Purity

Basic assumptions are shared about what makes up humanity’s relationship with itself and the context in which it relates to its fellow human beings. Humankind defines itself through self-consciousness, the ability to change nature for survival, thought and language, and infinite creativity. These abilities resonate from a spiritual core that’s inherent to each individual, resident purity, and manifest as a collective. The primary source of human conflicts is life’s learned processes and procedures. We propose that humanity's conflicts should be resolved by deriving solutions from its core, which is the source of its existence, and as an entity of one.

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Dynamic Vision

Relying sorely on one’s senses, reasonings, and traditions will often give rise to disagreements over societal modalities. Tensions arising from different approaches to problem solving are often due to a failure to comprehend reality. A static approach will often lead to a perceived error, due in part to a non-acceptance that reality. This contributes to the rise of disunity and subsequent social disintegration.

To avoid a calamitous situation, we must work in unison with humanity’s innate spiritual reality to stabilize core social structures and create new systems that provide the means to realize higher levels of societal attainment.

Dynamic Vision ensures that knowledge acquisition and increased understanding, when combined with spiritual acumen, will manifest the creation and enabling of those higher standards of social order required to advance civilization.

Knowledge Sources

Burnshire Academy

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Institute For Global Promise

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TeamMx Global Initiative

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Advisory Collective

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Stanwood Center

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Consiliarius Group

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