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Our entire Consultancy functions as a Center for Creative Intelligence. We bring together data from across the spectrum of our internal advisories, support systems, and academic institutions. We also receive input from our external partners and well informed stakeholders. These are major sources of information derived from research, specialised studies, data analysis, communications, and field experience.

Representative of humanity's diverse-many, our supporters, along with a sympathetic public, work with us to systematically resolve what many might consider to be intractable problems.

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Investing in truth to gain 'New knowledge'

The entire Prallagon experience, by definition, is a center for collective knowledge. It invites and provides for unified associations committed to investigating truth and gaining new knowledge. It centralizes unity of purpose to plan and create for implementation sustainable pathways to achieve progressive futures.

The sources of knowledge are vast and no set concept can display and no agency can stake claim to having supreme truth. An enduring challenge for humanity is to investigate the source of all things, to infuse wisdom and intelligence garnered from diverse sources into planning and decision making.

Western concepts are not superior to those representative of an Eastern experience, or those postulated by indigenous peoples. A careful and unbiased reading of history teaches us that now weakened or extinct human populations, in many respects, were more advanced than certain social and economic systems now placed to govern humanity.

We are now faced with a new reality, an inclusive definition of humanity as an entity of one, a diverse species endowed with innate spiritual capacity and infinite creativity. Humanity’s current and future progress is dependant upon how we choose to address this new reality.

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Dynamic Vision

Relying on the senses, reason, and traditions can and often give rise to disagreements between each of these modalities and cause tension between static and dynamic approaches to understanding reality. A static approach can often lead to perceiving error as reality and contributes to the causes of disunity and disintegration of culture that can lead to a decline of civilization. Working in unison with humanity’s innate spiritual reality, they help create the core of culture and establish means for advancing civilization.

A dynamic vision contributes to gaining new knowledge in order to cultivate even higher levels of culture and to advance civilization.

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