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Organization Framework
Advancing global human development to secure viable futures!

Our focus is on planning and devising policy initiatives that empower stakeholders to make strategic decisions and spearhead efforts to achieve global human development


The Directorate oversees all administrative operations, and collaborative venues. Its responsible for all integrated systems to include research, data analysis, planning, policy, decision-making, and data dissemination.


Serves at the discretion of the Directorate, coordinates organization functions, performs administrative duties, is ex-officio of the Advisory Collective, provides critical analysis, and engages all matters of critical concern.


Key advisory in the organization's collaborative culture to manage research, provide analysis, oversee inter-group work efforts and their forums and networks, and assign research and workflow to its supporting advisory units.


Operate within specified areas assigned by the Advisory Collective to assess problems, engage dialogue, provide research and analysis, and up-channeling information that gives objective assessments of enduring problems.

Consiliarius Group

Works closely with the Directorate and its Secretariat. It makes independent and objective inquiry with external sources that include academia, various professions, and individuals with recognized professional expertise to acquire specialized advice about ways to resolve major challenges.

Center For Strategic Knowledge

Our knowledge-based institution provides policy-relevant research and analysis to make informed strategic decisions possible, and to provide the public with an understanding of major issues and efforts being made to resolve them.

Center for Strategic Knowledge
Prallagon Platform

Research & Analysis

We employ critical thinking to examine the validity or truth of opinions or ideas; provide creativity, logic and reasoning, problem solving skills to find potential solutions.

Strategic Planning

Our management activity used to set priorities, focus energy and resources, strengthen operations, and ensure that everyone is working toward common goals.

Execute & Monitor

Adhere to pre-established development planning; identify opportunities to improve performance, and monitor teams and work activities on the critical path.


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