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We must begin to realize the true nature, value, and purpose of the human species if we are to provide the means for its collective security. It will require a radical shift in perspective from selfish individualism to diversity inclusivity.

Global Perspective
A New Way of Thinking

Our focus must be on realizing the true value of the human species and providing means for its collective security. It will require a change in our perspective.

Ancient history refers to the time (around 60,000 BC) in which scientists have found the earliest remains of human activity. It ends with the fall of several significant empires, such as the Western Roman Empire in the Mediterranean, the Han Dynasty in China, and the Gupta Empire in India around 650 AD. Imagine the perilous human condition during this period. Humanity moved on.

The rise and fall of European empires from the 16th to the 20th century has been the defining world experience of the modern era. European powers placed their stamp on various parts of the world. After the decline of the old pre-industrial empires in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries1, new empires arose as Europe progressed ahead of the rest of the world with economic and military power. Imagine the perilous human condition during this period. Humanity moved on.

In 1800, Europe and its colonies and ex-colonies covered just over half the land surface of the world. By 1914, this proportion had increased to 85 percent; and by the Second World War, the only major inhabited areas of the world that had never been under European rule were China, Japan, Mongolia, Persia, Siam, and Tibet. However, within a little over thirty years, these great global empires had almost all collapsed. When the twentieth century ended, it left only a few isolated and fragmentary colonial possessions. Imagine the perilous human condition during this period. Humanity moved on.

The 18th Century saw a major turning point in human history led by scientific discovery. Major events in medicine extended human life, developments in communications made it possible to bridge vast distances, and advances in travel allowed increasing numbers of people to visit and explore distant lands.

We know of the perilous conditions that resulted from systems of oppression being imposed on a large segment of humanity, and new challenges that arose because of efforts made to be free of diabolic and repressive measures.

We are now at a turning point in our history where humanity now lives in proximity with its vast diversity. This is occurring without change in patterns of thought to accept differences of culture and social norms, economic status, ethnicities, indigenous identities, belief-systems, and religious affiliations, among others. Tensions arise because humanity remains in lock-step with its more recent history, a time when differences often resulted in armed conflict and open warfare.

But a paradigmatic shift is occurring, a shift we sense is taking place but with little knowledge or understanding of what it means, and less about what it may potent for humanity’s future.

To gain insight into this condition, to understand the nature and purpose of its occurrence, we turn to the Ancients, i.e., Sages, Prophets, Philosophers, Messengers, Visionaries, Savants, etc., those who understood human nature. They provided spiritual guidance, cautioned against corrupt ideas, and revealed outcomes linked to excessive materialistic pursuits.

We must merge the spiritual nature of humanity in ways that augment its ability to realize great strives to achieve progressive futures. In this way, we gain the best of both ‘worlds’ — spiritual insight into the true nature and purpose of humanity along with new vistas of opportunities to create those sustainable pathways needed to realize milestone achievements at various waypoints over extended time-horizons.

This mature approach to collective security enhances our efforts to realise sustainable outcomes. It will also help advance human development in a global context and, by extension, that of civilization itself.


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