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Global Public Policy

Major Issues

Identify major issues negatively impacting society. Explore concepts, principles, and approaches that can be used to define cohesive global public policy and its use to edify the human condition.

Sustainable Course
Diversity Inclusive


Globalization is an ill-defined term and therefore little understood.  It challenges state sovereignty and even seems to weaken interdependence.  Responses to globalization emphasize territoriality as an ordered principle of international relations and a condition that integration has tried to overcome.  In many countries, political opportunists have taken advantage of the public’s fear concerning the declining effectiveness of internal sovereignty based on the perceived impact of globalization. It rests upon policymakers to find a better alternative so that governments feeling pressure to engage in counterproductive measures to halt the loss of internal sovereignty will not opt to erode confidence in democratic institutions.

Any alternative strategy must avoid these pitfalls. A more promising approach differentiates between governance and government; governance does not itself equate with the government. We emphasize devising a cohesive global public policy that’s decoupled from the nation-state and its functions of government.

We focus on policy changes that support plans and initiatives to educate a global clientele in practical approaches to achieve human development in an international context, and based on humanity’s oneness as a species. 

We present a challenging opportunity and one that awaits the proof of its viability.

Planning and implementing such a strategy would require policy wonks, educators, social planners, institutions, and community leaders working in concert to achieve positive results.  These public-private partnerships would increase the legitimacy for a cohesive global public policy and produce a more efficient and effective method for planning and implementation procedures.

The Prallagon Institute and its subsidiary units are active participants in conducting the research needed to reveal the actionable knowledge required to produce a cohesive public policy that will achieve global results

We believe the next level of efforts made to advance human endeavor must be center in and guided by the scientific principle that humanity is none other than a unique species characterized by its oneness.

Our pathway is clear in the belief that the principle of oneness is the key to achieving a paradigmatic change in human affairs, a change that will have a far-reaching influence to secure the advance of civilization.


Cohesive Global Public Policy

A cohesive global public policy is a mixed approach to global governance in which states, institutions, NGOs, regional and international organizations, communities, laypersons and coalitions cooperate to provide alternative approaches to achieve an inclusive actionable policy framework.

Policy Framework


Humanity's Welfare

A cohesive global public policy addresses basic requirements for humanity's welfare and expressed as the social order, the economic order, the political order, and the spiritual order.  Operating independently and autonomously, their functions are interrelated and interconnected.

Interrelated Orders



We envision a cohesive global public policy framework that’s inclusive to long-term planning for education initiatives, inclusive socio-economic positioning, political unity, cultural ideals, and other elements that operate within prescribed and pre-defined acceptable governance and administrative norms.

Prescribed Norms



Addresses methods by which a verity of entities at all levels can align and project efforts for human development within a cohesive global public policy framework that’s diversity-inclusive, based on inherent core human values, and follows principles and attributes expressed through the reality of the oneness of humankind.



Cohesive global public policy is a long-term Prallagon planning initiative to advance community and world connectivity in ways that strengthens efforts to secure progressive and sustainable futures.


Building able-bodied teams to pioneer a strong, long-term vision for a cohesive global public policy initiative with the innovations needed to advance diversity inclusiveness as a major advantage.


Involves all activities designed to implement policy by translating intent into guidelines and procedures.  It’s a people driven, decentralized process that shifts from hierarchy to participatory teamwork.


Civic Culture

Species identity in the future community of global consciousness will not be a concept that gains ascendancy over other identities, and will threaten no one. It will rather be a crowning awareness of how all human identities crafted over time come together in a common. . .

Environmental Issues

To achieve environmental stability will depend upon how we address major issues impacting human society; be they social, economic, health or political. They all interrelate with combined strength to ravage societies world-wide. A frontal assault is needed to alleviate…

African Spirituality

African Spirituality. The debilitating effects of excessive western-style materialism continue to exploit and wreak havoc on human populations. In this climate spirituality seems to be a non-starter. Therefore, we explore the spirituality and enduring characteristics…

Field Operations

TeamMax Field Operations provides the support needed to achieve sustainability at the local level by serving stakeholder communities. Humanity is experiencing unprecedented turbulence that continues to confront and confound a moribund leadership that remains fixated…

Field Unit Guidelines

TeamMx operations are guided by the Field Advisory Board who work in tandem with Regional Coordination (coordinators) to administer Field Unit activities within assigned geographic regions and localities, all in The Americas; i.e., North America, Central…


Paramount considerations must be given to humanity is a same-source entity that embody a shared spiritual commonality. This validates its inherent oneness as a species (identity) from which it derives meaning, reality, values, power, and unbridled potential…

Human Development

We remain committed to the bedrock of a strategy that can engage the world’s population in assuming responsibility for its collective destiny based on the conscious reality of the oneness of humankind. In its wake comes recognition of a species identity forever engraved in the human…

Globalized Education

We make a case for devising a formal mandate of globalized (universal) education and its inclusion within a cohesive global public policy framework. Curricula devised for globalized education is inclusive of the criteria presented on this site. We give special attention to primary elements associated with the human…

Virtue Universal Value

Virtue adds universal value if it has the same value or worth for all humanity. We place virtue in a global context to identify its relationship with human diversity. The foundation for our view is in the belief that humankind is unique and exists comfortably within its oneness as a species. 


Spiritual values are much needed in global human development platforms as they realign an aspirant’s sense of self-worth with the overall strategic endeavour, a process considered by many to be of utmost importance…

Festival of Ideas

The festival’s theme, “Governance for the Future”, focused on the possibilities of how governments and exterior organisations will be able to navigate within an increasingly turbulent and disruptive global environment; to understand how governance will look like in 2035…

New Way of Thinking

State of Being—Humankind has a unique biology that comprises the three stages of material existence—mineral, vegetable and animal. But what sets humanity apart is that it occupies a fourth stage, a level above the rest, a stage inclusive of consciousness…

Asia Pacific Urban Forum 7

APUF-7, Setia SPICE Convention Centre, Penang, Malaysia. 15-17 Oct 2019, Prallagon Consulting attended the 7th Session of the Asia-Pacific Urban Forum. The Forum was held to discuss the future of Asia and Pacific Cities in achieving the 2030 UN Agenda for Sustainable…







strategic Positioned Leadership

Strategic positioning means placing for deployment the quality of leadership needed to agitate for paradigmatic shifts in human thinking. The intent is to offset excessive negative underpinnings in society that diminish human will and replaced by effective guarantors to ensure humanity’s progress.

That humanity is in crisis, experiencing unprecedented turbulence daily, no thoughtful person can deny. This situation both confronts and confounds a moribund leadership that shows the lack of ability to edify a world citizenry. It remains fixated on decades-old and often outdated methodologies to resolve current global challenges.  Times have changed and given humanity’s current situation, this is not a viable approach.

Strategic positioned leadership is both a moral and spiritual imperative as we need it for both a proactive response and protracted decision-making in what has become a global crisis, a crisis prone to constant shifts and complexities. The challenge is for leadership to start a positive discourse to build alliances within and across diverse and intractable stakeholder divides to find solutions to global problems.  

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evolutionary dynamics Model

Ervin Laszlo recognizes the importance of the interplay between processes of diversification and processes of integration in society and world order. He described these concepts in terms of evolutionary dynamics as autocatalytic, replicative processes within different 'orders' in society, on the one hand, and cross-catalytic, interactive processes between those 'orders' on the other.

A new kind of process may emerge from the interplay of these autocatalytic and cross-catalytic processes, which may be called a global process. But, the interplay may or may not occur in a harmonious way; the various processes may not reach a matching resonance. If they do not, the form and patterns generated are short in duration and limited in scope. An evolutionary hypothesis can be put forward that it is precisely the harmony (or resonance) of the interplay that makes for better or worse global conditions.

The Threefold Orders Model

In his 'Threefold Model', Pentti Malaska explains that society is assumed to consist of three diversified human 'orders' or production faculties, each one autonomous and autocatalytic in its existence and function. These three constitutional orders, or 'sectors', are the economic order, the socio-political order, and the spiritual order. The orders are autocatalytic and self-replicative, meaning that economic production has a tendency to generate more economic production; socio-political activity enhances socio-political activity, and the spiritual function produces more spiritual function. Each order feeds itself and replicates through its own specific type of activity.

*Each 'thought module' is placed in use by Prallagon as a basis to generate new and innovative ideas on the potential they have to generate actionable knowledge that's usable to secure a cohesive global public policy, and relatable in common at all levels of society.


Institute for Strategic Studies

Knowledge and action are intimately entwined and the job of the Institute is to address requirements of an actionable framework for global human development.

Center for Strategic Knowledge

Great teachers emanate from knowledge, empathy, and justice. Students are their beneficiaries, now endowed with an awesome responsibility.

CTR FOR Actionable Knowledge

An evolving conceptual framework for program activity based on actionable knowledge that allows for a change in understandings as new ideas arise.


Global Human Development Initiative

Sustainable achievements

through justice

and sacrificial endevours.

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