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The concept and its design portend the advance of human development in the global context. A chosen name for the project, ‘Prallagon’, is an acronym for the ‘practice of leadership, law, and governance’. It performs as a unified trilateral, a synchronous operand that harbours enormous synergistic energy. When incorporated as a feature within development plans and when implementing procedures, the operand heightens resolve to offset various challenges while providing a basis for resolving those arising in the future. This effort comes with unsurpassed bedrock: the principle that humanity is an entity-of-one, and that it creativity emanates from an inherent spiritual core. This bedrock will guide humanity’s endeavours far into the distant future.


The consultancy developed from a self-starting Africa Development Research Project by Terry Randolph. Begining in September 2000, the project progressed through nine African countries over a four-year period. In 2004, project coalescence occurred within the graduate development studies program at the University of South Africa (UNSA). Help was further provided by the University of Capetown (UCT). Besides attending sustainable development conferences and pursuing graduate studies, the project saw the interview of government officials, business leaders, NGOs, and others concerned about issues plaguing the African continent. In 2003-04, results were followed by preliminary discussions and assessments. Outcomes led to the establishment of a consultancy.


Since the onset of the 15th century, a western-based narrative has defined civilization, its origins, and human accomplishments, the latter delivered as Greco-roman ideology. New era transition requirements demand a factual and balance rendering of humankind, its vast and complex diversity, contributions it made to advance civilization, and the potential it now holds for moral and spiritual intent. The latter two elements remain unconsidered in the current analysis of what makes up humanity. Though missing, they are prime bedrock for new era consideration to advance humankind in the global context. Follow the links below to further explore this design concept.

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