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That someone would attempt to foster global human development based on strategic planning and policy initiatives conceived in context with moral, ethical, and spiritual attributes, though bedrock common to all humanity, maybe on-point but also seen as challenging. Some might say this approach is troubling, maybe even impossible, or borders on craziness.  Perhaps, but we await a better idea.

Know the importance of ideas

For millennia, it was opportune for a segmented humanity to promote self-interest. Times have changed and given the current state of human affairs, this approach is not viable. It now requires collective wisdom to help humanity resolve a global crisis. This forum is at your disposal to present, review, and comment on opinions and ideas in context with the above-stated goal and attributes. Stay on-topic.

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Cohesive Global
Public Policy

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This forum uses a consultative approach that addresses the need to plan cohesive global public policy with a mature understanding that’s consistent with human commonalities (i.e., moral, ethical, and spiritual attributes), and within the context of humanity as a species of one, the overriding principle.


Prallagon Consulting Forum

Global Public Policy

Global Policy and Human Commonality

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