Lee Kuan Yew
School of Public Policy
National University of Singapore

Festival of Ideas 2022

10-14 October

To celebrate Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy’s 18th Anniversary, the school will be hosting its flagship event named “Festival of Ideas”. The theme for the festival is “Asia at the Crossroads: A World Disrupted”, with a focus on the environment, innovation, and international relations, and looking at the opportunities and challenges that lies ahead for Asia. This venue is renowned for its supportive learning atmosphere where iconic leaders, notable academics, leaders and noted public servants delve into policy issues for new insights and perspectives.

Green Plan 2030

As part of its Green Plan 2030, Singapore is in the process of transforming itself into a global hub for green finance. It has situated this transformation within the broader global perspective of sustainable development and the green economy to play a larger role in funding sustainable technologies and innovations in the region.

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The Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy has produced outstanding results through hard work, by pursuing academic and intellectual excellence, and crafting lessons for meaningful public policy-making. The 'Festival of Ideas' is an out-growth of this effort.

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Human Development in a Global Context

I was not a presenter or panelist but did take an opportunity to speak briefly to a few early arrivals of the need to nourish an optimistic mindset and muster the moral courage needed to transform the human condition in ways that secures humanity’s wellbeing worldwide.

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Can Asia Lead the World?

Knowing and understanding on Asia and its place in the world is critical. We will continue to draw knowledge and experience from the best minds in public policy to pursue and develop both world-changing ideas and practical solutions for this transformative era.

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A life's story of someone who fought great odds, never gave up. An incredible journey from a rural Cambodian village through the dark depths of the Khmer Rouge, to a Thai refugee camp, to the Univ. of New Zealand, and to eventually become the Minister of Tourism.

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Citizen's Panels

Governments around the world are moving away from a closed-model to an open-model for governance, where they involve citizens during the early stages of policymaking. Different initiatives were launched to work with citizens in co-creating and co-implementing solutions to pressing policy problems.

Festival of Ideas 2019


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