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National University of Singapore

2019 Festival
of Ideas

The festival's theme, “Governance for the Future”, focused on the possibilities of how governments and exterior organisations will be able to navigate within an increasingly turbulent and disruptive global environment; to understand how governance will look like in 2035 and beyond; and, in particular, what emerging challenges and opportunities lie ahead for leaders in Asia.

Prallagon Mission

We aim to advance global human development in ways that conform to the scientific fact that humans live as a complete, diverse, and complex species of one. We aim to advance global human development in ways that conform to the scientific fact that humans live as a complete, diverse, and complex species of one; concepts and principles requiring deep consideration.

Prallagon Approach

Our approach encourages a paradigm shift in thinking to ensure that humanity is equipped with a proactive will to resolve challenges that endanger its ability to pursue unified and progressive outcomes. We strive to bridge the gap from where humanity stands today in relation to where it could be at various time-stamped intervals within the not too distant future.

Prallagon Consulting

In this era of global transitioning and at this level of human accomplishment and understanding, its time to put aside ignorance and provide the means for an objective and unbiased analysis of the human condition and then devise the tools, education, collective experience needed to bring into reality the true value of the human species and the means for its collective security and accomplishment.

Prallagon was in attendance at the recent four-day Festival of Ideas conference hosted by the Lee Kuan Yew School of Policy on the campus of the National University of Singapore. Our hope was to learn current thinking on ways in which to resolve pressing global issues and also to engage with presenters and attendees in discussing the merits of our Mission and Approach to global human development, as described above.

We were not disappointed on either front. In fact, as we had hope, many principles and concepts expressed are applicable in a much broader context to facilitate planning, devising cohesive global public policy, and implementing actionable initiatives to achieve credible strategic undertakings.

Our long-term objective is to advance thinking in different fields, and in ways that foster the application of human commonalities, moral and spiritual attributes, unity and justice to support the needs of society. This will provide opportunities for individuals to strengthen their capacity to participate in discourses in their specific social and professional spaces in order to focus attention on bettering the human condition. In this way, we are in accord with the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy.

Lee Kuan Yew

School of Public Policy


Festival of Ideas

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The Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy’s Festival of Ideas brought together a diverse group of aspiring youths, policymakers and thought leaders in an inaugural four-day event designed to stimulate minds and spur dialogue on public policy.

A collaboration between faculty, alumni and research centers, FOI is one of the school’s largest events to date, featuring a series of inspiring talks, workshops, panel discussions, and book launches. This year’s theme, “Governance for the Future”, focused on how governments and organizations are navigating an increasingly turbulent age of disruption. For conference details and information about presenters, visit the LKYSSP website listed above.


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