Consiliarius Group

An interdependent executive advisory that brings together the right combination of perspective, knowledge, and expertise to inspire pragmatic thinking for devising innovative approaches to problem solving in line with stated goals and objectives.

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Mission Objectives

The Consiliarius Group is our senior internal executive body that advises the Directorate on matters pertaining to global human development strategy. It has key responsibilities in managing the organizations external affairs. In collaboration with stakeholders, alliances and support agents, the group brings innovative thinking, facilitation skills, strategic planning, and policy implementation skills to deliver services in key mission-essential areas.



The executive advisory function provides consulting services to the Directorate, the executive team, the Advisory Collective and their units, and facilitative team leaders.


External affairs involve building and maintaining relationships with a range of influential individuals, organizations, NGOs and INGOs, communities, and institutions to establish alliances, build partnerships, and work with colleagues in planning development criteria; to engage with individuals having the knowledge and expertise needed to work toward challenging those problems afflicting humanity’s quality of life and that which degrades the natural environment.


Working in close cooperation with the directorate, the secretariat, and the chief advisory to make root-cause assessments, provide insightful analysis, and to consult and recommend solutions to facilitate quality decisions.


Relying on academia, various professions, crafts, individuals, and institutions with specialised expertise, the consiliarius group works in partnership with both internal and external sources to support the consultancy in its proactive stance to resolve major challenges confronting human development in a global context.

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