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Strategy for global human development requires the world's population to assume responsibility for its collective destiny.

Viable Social Institutions

Justice as
Moral Compass

Human Rights

Economic Thinking

Social Institutions
Laying groundwork for global human development requires creating viable social institutions.

The advancement of humanity has not occurred at the expense of human individuality. As social organization has increased, the scope for the expression of the capacities latent in each human being has also expanded. Now required is the creation of laws and institutions universal in both character and authority to carry forth the process.


Social Institutions

Establish enduring foundations on which planetary civilization can gradually take shape.

Power of Justice
Translates the conscious reality of humanity's oneness into a collective will whereby the structures of global community life are erected with confidence.

To the extent that justice becomes a guiding concern of human interaction, a consultative climate of action is selected. In such a climate the perennial tendencies toward manipulation and partisanship are far less likely to deflect the decision-making process, profoundly affecting socio-economic implications.

Indispensible Moral Compass

Power of Justice

Justice asserts itself as the ruling principle of successful social organization.

Human Rights
At the heart of the discussion of social and economic development is the need to shape a strategy that calls for the promotion of human rights.

Concern that each human being should enjoy the freedom of thought and action conducive to his or her personal growth does not justify devotion to the cult of individualism. Only in a consultative framework made possible by the reality of the organic unity of humankind can human rights find creative expression.

Strategic Requirement

Human Rights

Freed from the grip of the false dichotomies that have for so long held it hostage.

Economic Thinking
A challenge we face is the economic empowerment of humankind by a vast increase and access to knowledge through rigorous dialogue.

Economics and the related sciences must free themselves from the undertow of the materialistic preoccupations that now consume them because such distraction will retard their potential use as tools vital to achieving humanity’s well-being.

Strategic Perspective

Economic Viability

Fundamental issues related to pursuing and achieving long-term economic goals.

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Collective Destiny

We remain committed to the bedrock of a strategy that can engage the world’s population in assuming responsibility for its collective destiny based on the conscious reality of the oneness of humankind. In its wake comes recognition of a species identity forever engraved in the human physic, knowing that humanity is an entity-of-one, has noble...


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