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In accord with its development mandate, the directorate presides over all internal and external operations to reconcile current and emerging issues that require foresight and proactive planning to resolve intractable problems.

Mission Objective

The directorate focuses on resource planning, global public policy, human development, sustainable objectives, education, environmental issues, technologies, data analysis, and building partnerships and establishing alliances to bridge gaps between planning and execution. It identifies the threats to our existing resource: human capital—and explores alternative approaches to capacity building; monitors and analyses development goals and objectives, supports long-term planning and associated criteria for out-year projections that cover extensive time-horizons.



Overseas the vanguard placed into service to plan and devise the frameworks, programs, projects, training, adisory services, managerial functions, and operating structures inclusive to the organization’s mandate and its thematic areas of prime importance.


Fosters a unified effort to define and resolve many of the vexing challenges facing human society conflicted by violence and impoverishment. Based on current innovations in research, analysis and evaluation practices, to provide solutions that promote a more unified and just approach to achieve societal and by extension global stability. Amplifies the need of the underprivileged to collaborate across and within humanity’s boundaries, cultures, and social divides to build alliances and establish partnerships that by working together are better able to provide quality decision-making to create transformative social structures that can guarantee the publics’ welfare.


Responsible for all programs, training activities, consultative venues, advisory performance, and field operations. Provides support at the strategic level for the planning and execution of all internal and external operations that deal with current and emerging issues that requires the consultancy to remain in partnership with and at the forefront of all efforts to resolve pressing problems.


Devise platforms and create environments where revered thought promotes inherent potential to free humanity from the biases and prejudices rooted in divisive social, ethnic, cultural and racial attitudes created and long reinforced by ages-old colonial and imperialistic mentality that continues to wreak the human psychic.


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Global Human Development Initiative

Sustainable achievements

through justice

and sacrificial endevours.

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