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Inaction on The Environmental Crisis Threatens Global Prosperity

Environmental issues are broad and can be extremely controversial. Be advised that some articles require extensive reading/study to ascertain the full import of the ideas, analysis, and recommendations suggested.

Dangerous Threshold

The natural environment is at a dangerous threshold, tottering at the brink of disaster, and any delay in placing corrective measures on the grand scale required to reverse current trends will only increase the danger. Each of us can help by calling on the world community, individually and collectively, to take advantage of the many opportunities available that can help bring about positive results. Benefits derived from our efforts will help to reduced pollution and improve public health, make for fewer natural disasters, decrease food scarcity, and lower the rate of poverty; global human development at its best.

Creative solutions deployed to achieve maximum benefit

Environmental stability

To achieve environmental stability will depend upon how we address major issues impacting human society; be they social, economic, health or political. They all interrelate with combined strength to ravage societies world-wide. A frontal assault is needed to alleviate this scourge. In this regard, we have provided sources of faith-based history, encouragement and guidance to facilitate the depth and basis of human understanding within the context of a spiritual perspective needed to address the full extent of the environmental crisis.

Crisis of Adventurism

We also link this crisis to modern era adventurism, drug addiction, opioid abuse and other abnormalities because these challenges are interrelated, and liken to the human body when one part becomes defective it affects all because nothing is isolated. These deeply complex and challenging issues will require multi-level approaches to resolve. It will take foresight, carefully planning, and strategically implemented procedures that capture immigration and commitment to bring about positive and long-term results. A spiritual perspective is needed.

Environmental Ethics

Jainism, Dharma, and Environmental Ethics. Native traditions as ways to resolve the environmental crisis.

Indigenous Spiritual Beliefs

Traditional methods must not be considered 'primitive'. They were here first and now need a revisit?

Faith Declarations on Nature

The five original Faith Declarations on Nature created in 1986, at a meeting held in Assisi by WWF-International.

Faith for Earth Initiative

Spiritual leaders are critical to the success of the global solidarity to protect the environment (Part 1).

Systemic Global Crises

Multi-level Crisis within crises

Drug, alcohol and opioid abuse, illicit trafficking, trans-national crime, family dysfunction, fractured societies, rise in suicides, public health crisis, political turmoil, and armed conflicts are only a few of the intense pressures and strain under which humanity currently exists. It exposes vulnerable populations to even greater risks; interrelated they weaken the greater environment (natural, social, economic), endanger native habitat and threaten quality of life.

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Multi-dimensional Crisis

Global in Scale: Drug Addiction, Illicit Trafficking, and Opioid Abuse
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Effects of Environmental Racism

Systemic Racism Burdens Communities of Color with Incessant Health Hazards
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Negative Impacts | Family Dynamics

Effects of Environmental Degradation & Elicit Drug Trade on Family Dynamics

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Environmental Outreach

National Environmental Policy - The Politics of Sustainability
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Mass Media | Corrective Education

Information, Media and Literacy. Policy, Strategy, Goals and Objectives
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Environmental Strategy, Sustainability, Collective Interdependence
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Global Objectives

Envisioning Humanity's Coming of Age: An Actionable Framework

We Have the Power to influence Our Future

The Prallagon Consulting Group provides sustainable development criteria to enhance environmental accords. This is made inclusive to our approach to advance human development in a global context. Long-term sustainability depends on social welfare, economic security, universal education, strategic planning and quality decisions, among others. All aspects of the environment are interrelated and therefore interdependent. Any approach to effect viable solutions must be seen in this light because action taken in one area will certainty affect the others.

What's Happening Now

World Order Genesis of Change

World Order Genesis of Change

Issues IN COMMON that transcend global boundaries AND human DIVIDESSTANDPOINTWorld Order Genesis of Change  Introduction (Part One)   Human History Humans have explored every area of the planet, an immense process that witnessed a slow unfoldment across the...


Featured Initiatives

Virtue Universal Value

Virtue Universal Value

Virtue universal value. Virtue adds universal value if it has the same value or worth for each individual as for all humanity. Merriam-Webster defines virtue as: (a) moral and good behavior or character, (b) a good and moral quality, and (c) the good result that comes from something.

Racism Shades of Deceit

Racism Shades of Deceit

In Racism Shades of Deceit we draw attention to racism because it is wrecking havoc on human populations. Endemic in the United States, racism is systemic in all the nation’s institutions; is a driver of societal discord, forms the basis for much national social and economic criteria,

Philosophy’s Systemic Racism

Philosophy’s Systemic Racism

Philosophy’s Systemic Racism. Religious-based principles and ideas expressed in this article are adaptable to almost any culture and social grouping, religious-affiliated or non-affiliated, indigenous or non-indigenous. It challenges us to remain open and receptive because a biased mind reaps no rewards.

Holistic approaches to Global Human Development


Interdependency is a defining feature in nature, where everything is interconnected and nothing exist in isolation. Being interdepend and interconnected means that all natural systems on this planet are interrelated and exist to provide quality of life.


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vortex of an immeasurable dimension

Human society is entrapped in a vortex of an immeasurable dimension because it has failed to meet transition requirements from a state of 'exclusion' to one that thrives on 'inclusion'. There is no guidebook or manuel from which to source viable solutions to challenges now faced due to this failure. We must now devise corrective measures with justice as vanguard in order to mitigate social chaos and confusion. If not, dire consequences will continue to intensify.

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ensure a prosperous future

Vision, moral courage, and collective will. Adapting to changing requirements.

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Trilateral Problem Solving

Humanity can interact through planning and decision-making venues to resolve that which threatens its progress and continued development.


Transformative change can only come about if we reject antiquated solutions to crises and embrace a profound enquiry into the reality of humanity’s purpose on this planet. Conclusions drawn, with absolute certainty, will perturb the uninitiated. Making and revising laws and similar social objectives in many cases can be accomplished by a relatively small cadre of experts and specialists. In contrast, the task of expanding the foundations of human knowledge, of humanity’s well-being and purpose, both individually and collectively, will require a much wider conversion to even greater depths of knowledge and understanding. The advancement of human development in a global context can not be accorded to a few individuals working on behalf of the many; rather, it must be borne by increasing larger segments of the human family with all it’s vast and inherent diversity. This means that a broad-based coalition of collective effort guided by acknowledged interdependency, will ultimately provide the means whereby humanity’s true purpose will be revealed. It will require wrestling with difficult problems and social issues that in turn will elicit profound questions. How can we act towards one other in ways that fulfill policy goals and objectives? What patterns of interaction will be required between and among individuals, their communities, and governing institutions of society? In what ways will human qualities and commonalities such as generosity, respect, integrity and justice find tangible expression in everyday life? Questions like these are undeniably challenging. They touch on complex issues of personal beliefs and social values that resist being answered by conjectures, simple recipes or formulas. In final analysis, humanity’s well-being cannot be achieved without the conscious exploration of possible prerequisites for that very ‘well-being’ to be made possible. Only in this way can an agenda for public policy be created and pursued to achieve the publics’ welfare. Is this not the purpose of human endeavor?

Environmental Rights

UN Environmental programme promotes sound environmental governance. In our globalized world, environmental threats require effective responses that promote peace, justice, development and the fulfilment of environmental and human rights. The UN Environmental Programme promotes sound environmental governance – the rules, policies and institutions that shape how humans interact with the environment. By building robust governance systems, we can safeguard the environment and human rights and work toward all 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Political Stability For Sustainable Growth

The concept of sustainable development is widely examined by scientists working within different disciplinary frameworks to avoid extreme imbalances.

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Sustainability: Its Meaning, purpose & Actionable Intent

In our view, sustainability is inherent to missions placed to improve the natural environment, to preserve the native habitats for all forms of life on this planet, and to provide stable and prosperous communities for humanity’s growth and prosperity. In this regard, sustainability presupposes a certain condition: human willingness to be transformative. See yourself as an outstanding global citizen dedicated to protect our world’s resources, to provide leadership and influence others to pool their resources to provide the creativity needed to build a sustainable future.

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Build Secure Futures

Waste not your energies on the unproductive. Current crisis requires your complete attention.

Avoidance is Key to provide distance from superficiality

“Popular culture is a place where pity is called compassion, flattery is called love, propaganda is called knowledge, tension is called peace, gossip is called news, and auto-tune is called singing.” ― Criss Jami, Killosophy

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"Man In The Mirror". Be the change you wish to see in the world. Knowledge and experience will help create new opportunities.

Gender inequality portends social retardation

"There is a growing and compelling body of evidence which shows that women not only bear the brunt of poverty but, that women’s empowerment is a central precondition for its elimination." Little consideration is given to the fact that women are the other half of that which completes humanity; unused, "effectively sidelines more than half of the world’s talent, experience and knowledge," leaving societies to operate at under fifty-percent capacity.


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