Law In Society
The existence and effect of law in society implies the existence of an authority, some form or practice that is in compliance with recognized norms of law.

01. Purpose

Implement systems and procedures of law to bring about justice in society, protect individual rights and freedoms, and ensure social stability.

02. Function

Law shows capacity for compassion, stabilizes human affairs, is a haven for the oppressed, guides public order, and acts to protect the downtrodden.

03. Reform

Need for law reform as society changes. As archaic codes become ill suited to protect the public welfare during periods of rapid social change.

"At his best man is the noblest of all animals,

separated from law and justice he is the worst"


Law and Spirituality

There is a direct correlation between law and spirituality. Observance of laws and ordinances helps to develop human character and to achieve higher levels of freedom in society. In this way trustworthiness, a virtue, is strengthened and evolves to promote human happiness and well-being. At this level of attainment, observance of law is done without need for coercive or restrictive measures. It is a goal to be pursued by humanity as it goes in quest for its maturity.


Society, Law, Virtue

The requirement for law in this age of rapid global change is to reinstate authority and renew the linkages between society, law and virtue; a process that also renews the relationship between law and spirituality. Law solidifies understanding that observance of laws and ordinances promote the development of character, and also helps to guarantee higher levels of freedom. By adopting a moral code can true observance of law be assured.


Common Good

In polity, the democratic principle is retained but extreme individualism is restrained in preference for the common good. Social life is based on the subordination of individual will to that of society. However, this does not suppress the individual nor does it exalt him to the point of making him an anti-social creature and a menace to society. With freedom comes responsibility. Individuals are responsible for their personal development, and they must contribute their creativity to ensure the well-being of society.

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