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TeamMx Field Operations - Slide #1
TeamMx Field Unit Operations
Support for Stakeholder Communities

TeamMx is the forward-positioned, well coordinated field unit operation guided by the TeamMx Advisory Board. It works in concert with the Global Reach Initiative, Burnshire Academy, and The Institute For Global Promise to carryout the Global Reach Initiative. The functions and status of field assignments are hosted by the Field Advisory Board—charged with administrative over-sight and logistics support for Regional Coordination and Field Unit operations. Field Unit team members work together with stakeholder communities, organisations, institutions and their affiliates to plan and implement sustainable development goals and objectives designed to achieve local community viability.

TeamMx integrated field systems interact across and within assigned geographic regions, socio-economic boundaries, and cultural divides to advise on ways to resolve issues affecting local community welfare. This bottom-up approach gains feedback from local community members on program status. Completed reports are channeled through field units to regional coordinators, who in turn consult on findings with the Field Advisory Board. Upon review and assessment, a comprehensive report is forwarded to the Directorate.

TeamMx Global Reach - Slide #1
Global Reach

The Global Reach Initiative executes agency protocols to plan and implement stakeholder help at the local level. TeamMx Field Unit members collaborate with stakeholders to organize venues for education and training exercises, and assist them in planning and implementing sustainability goals and objectives. The focus is on gaining unified effort to advance community endeavors based on principles of justice and humanity's commonalities as a single dependent species.
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Forward vision
Resource activation
Build dependable interrelationships.

Through collaboration, planning, education, and training, stakeholders garner the resources they need.

Foster diversity inclusiveness.

Key to humanity's progress lies within its vast diversity; endowed with infinite talents & creative ability.

Promote unity; foster interdependence.

Meaningful endeavours to achieve systematic and sustained progress over extended time-horizons.

TeamMx Field Advisory Board
Global Reach Initiative
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Field Advisory Board
Field Advisory

The board exercises administrative responsibility for the Global Reach Initiative, Regional Coordination and TeamMx field services, among others. It collaborates with regional coordinators and field unit staff, assigns workload, advises on activities; interrelates with the Advisory Collective on policy and program activities; hosts consultative venues with regional coordinators and field units; assess program effectiveness and receives feedback on policy matters.
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Acts in capacity as the major advisory on TeanMx field operations. Click Title for additional information.

Assess work of field reps and groups, determine quality of performance, and advise on changes as needed.

Implement policy, goals and objectives.

Ensure advisory functions and field operations are inline with agency policy, goals, and objectives.

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TeamMx Program Evaluation
Global Reach Assessment
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TM Prog. Eval.

Evaluations are conducted according to agency guidelines. Information is acquired about field activities, performance characteristics, and program outcomes. These are assessed to make judgments about program performance with recommendations to improve effectiveness. Evaluations are practical, conducted in an ethical manner, and within the confines of agency resources to produce accurate findings as bases for quality decisions and systematic achievements.
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Quality tools for program assessment.

Make use of quality tools with appropriate characteristics to measure targeted outcomes.

Devise strategy for program success.

Ensure programs and activities were put into place as originally intended to help achievie positive outcomes.

Efficiencies & program operational support.

Determine if program activities are being conducted with appropriate use of available resources.

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TeamMx Field Data Analysis
Data Science Research Center
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Data Collection
Data Science

Data Science is a research tool we use that allows the exploration and quantitative analysis of a wide range of available data, both structured and unstructured. We focus on strategic approaches to research by mining raw data for insights, to extract knowledge, and provide actionable results relevant to ways we seek to accomplish our primary goals. This process of ‘drilling down’ into information is to provide reliable facts and figures to benefit program effectiveness.
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Core objectives
Questions answered
Operations research & systems analysis.

Employed as a profession disciplines for advanced analytical methods to improve organisation decisions.

Articulate Data on Field Performance.

Assess date to determine interpretive and interpersonal modes to articulate program performance.

Aim for factual analysis of content to provide guidance on insights and best features of information received.

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TeamMx Regional Coordination
Geographic Field Unit Locations
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Regional Coordinaton

This effort involves working across and within assigned geographic regions and locations to organize and coordinate development strategy, to assign tasks, and pursue goals and objectives. It is the primary vehicle for strengthening policy coherence within regional and local levels to address policy issues. Coordinators collaborate on issues affecting their sphere of responsibility and also to maintain best approaches to manage overall development strategy.
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Transformative action
Motivate and manage field team efforts.

This requires articulating regional and local policy concerns and priorities to enlist quality decisions.

Organize venues to exchange ideas.

Organizes venues to achieve consensus in reaching policy coherence on regional priorities.

Remain accessible and constructive.

Coordinates field units in their efforts to achieve far-reaching people-centred sustainable objectives.

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TeamMx Field Unit Operations
Field Unit Training Center
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Field Unit Operations
Field Unit
Training Center

TeamMx comprise designated field units whose members are trained to work across and within specified geographic regions to organize, coordinate, guide and assist in managing development strategy and goal attainment at the local level. Duties are carried out at the point where ‘rubber meets the road’, where worth is judged by the quality of performance being carried out in states of uncertainty replete with multi-faceted complexities and challenging mechanisms.
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Pursuit of justice
Abject training
Unbridled dedication

Assist and train stakeholders communities to consult and resolve matters of major importance.

Social justice and field experience.

Change nature of discourse and activities to accommodate cultural and social differences.

Beyond materialistic goals and objectives.

Seek purpose in spiritual dimensions of life and have the will to transcend artificially imposed divisions.

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TeamMx Regional Coordination
Field Unit Locations
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Geographic Regions

TeamMx field operations cover six geographic regions: Africa, The Americas, Asia-Pacific, Caribbean, Europe, and Oceania. Regional coordinators setup workstations in locals that afford ease of operating over broad areas within each assigned region. They focus on common areas and interests where Field Unit members can organize stakeholder working groups to decide on substantive approaches to sustainability, and engage in strategic planning to resolve policy issues.
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Cultural influence and regional interaction.

Regionalism and cultural concerns play an important role in planning & implementing development policy.

Stakeholders, public policy, and priories.

Consider significance and nature of stakeholder social and cultural influences on public policy initiatives.

Impact of issues on community service.

Dynamics and interplay of regional influence, stakeholder priorities, public policy, and operational plans.

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TeamMx Field Unit Operations
Nairobi, Kenya, East Africa
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TeamMx Africa
Nairobi, Kenya

TeamMx operations are coordinated from Kenya. Africa is often referred to as ‘The Motherland’, acknowledged as the birthplace of our first human ancestors and the founder of early-on civilization. Fossil remains suggest humans inhabited the continent around 7 million years ago. It is hosts to 3,000 ethnic groups, more than 2,000 spoken languages, and each with a variety of distinct dialects. The continent permeates human understanding imbued with spiritual resonance.
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The culture of a people marks them as being distinctively different from other members of the human family.

Powerful invasive systems have made big inroads, but important traditional beliefs continue unabated.

Africa as foundation for sustainability.

Humanity's collective childhood is ending, glimpses of its maturity dawns, a unified impulse emerges.

TeamMx Field Unit Operations
New York City, United States
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TeamMx United States

TeamMx field operations in parts of North Anreica are coordinated from the United States. The US as a whole is infused with exceptional human diversity that’s representative of the world’s populations. Having borne the burden of ethnic genocide, slavery, colonial imperialism, war, famine and economic depression, these regions thrive with sensitivity and insight for creating broad-based development strategy with moral entitlement to guarantee sustainable achievements.
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Navigating systematic racism, socio-economic codes, and entrenched psychological distortions.

Socio-economic disorders and materialistic pursuits compounds indebtedness and unrelenting stress.

Culturally and socially selective. Not homogenous, but polyethnic, deeply engrained Eurocentric influences.

TeamMx Field Unit Operations
Bahia, Brazil, South America
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TeamMx So. America
Bahia, Brazil

TeamMx field operations are coordinated from Brazil. The Americas (South, Central, Caribbean) as a whole, is infused with exceptional human diversity that’s representative of the world’s populations. Having borne the burden of ethnic genocide, slavery, colonial imperialism, war, famine and economic depression, these regions thrive with sensitivity and insight for creating broad-based development strategy with moral entitlement to guarantee sustainable achievements.
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Latin American countries seem similar but there are local cultural codes that require a closer look.

Dynamics of mixed heritage could portend unified collaborative efforts for unprecedented achievements.

Culturally and socially selective. Not homogenous, but polyethnic, deeply engrained Eurocentric influences.

TeamMx Field Unit Operations
Toronto, Canada, North America
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TeamMx Canada

TeamMx operations are coordinated from Toronto. Canadian identity and its distinctive characteristics relates to its bicultural nature that’s shaped by a unique experience where social structures of multiple ethnic groups were able to keep their cultural identities intact. It draws from these culture influences having a broad range of constituent nationalities with policies that promote multiculturalism; in theory, a cultural mosaic of inclusive regional ethnic subcultures.
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Universal education
Prolific literary talent
Religious freedom

National symbols are influenced by natural, historical, and Indigenous sources.

Constitution law is the supreme law.

It consists of written text/ unwritten conventions; judiciary law, common law, and aboriginal law.

Well-performing with high rate of literacy.

One of the most educated countries in the world; ranks 1st worldwide with adults having tertiary education.

TeamMx Field Unit Operations
Kinston, Jamaica, Caribbean
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TeamMx Caribbean

TeamMx operations are coordinated from Jamaica. The Caribbean region is renowned for its history, culture, ethnic diversity, the dynamics associated with its various art-forms, and the quality of musical talent it continuously displays; all of which has permeated the international scene to inspire and uplift humanity in ways that highlights the reality that the world as composed of kindred spirits; released from imposed restraints, will lead the region in sustainable achievements.
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Universal participation
Pathway of honour

Heterogeneity-The area is extremely dynamic culturally, producing a veritable explosion of local talent.

Envisions solidarity in human affairs.

The Caribbean region has high cultural, linguistic and ethnic diversity among each of its islands.

Projects potential for unified action.

As many as 43.5 million individuals reside on a total of 28 different island nations, each uniquely in character.

TeamMx Field Unit Operations
Asia-Pacific, Seoul, ROK
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TeamMx Asia-Pacific
Seoul, Korea

TeamMx operations are coordinated from Seoul, South Korea. The influence of Confucian ideals permeates Korean 'Land of the Morning Calm' culture and expresses the importance of showing humility and fidelity to elders, and to those of higher rank. Respect and humility are evident on a daily basis through a variety of ways that include the bowing of heads, hand gestures, and social etiquette; characteristics that prove worthy by securing community solidarity.
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Confucian philosophy
Ubiquitous patriarchal lineage

A collectivism mindset permeates most aspects of Koriean society that emphasize togetherness.

Phonetic nature of the written language.

Korea has one of the highest literacy rates in the world due to the phonetic nature of its language.

Family, responsibility, and authority.

The family unit is an integral part of customs and life in Korea. The eldest son bears family responsibility.

TeamMx Field Unit Operations
Europe, Stockholm, Sweden
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TeamMx Europe

TeamMx operations are coordinated from Sweden. Efforts made to characterize different “ethnic types” among European peoples have only limited descriptive and statistical value. However, territorial differences in language and other cultural aspects have been of immense social and political import in Europe, for a majority of groups the basis for collective identity is possession of a distinctive language or dialect. Regional qualities are used to advance public policy.
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Problem of unification
Economic thinking

Interest in culture both in Europe and beyond; views on whether there is indeed a European culture.

Europe's population is culturally diversity.

Europe is diverse in its cultures, ideas and beliefs, a blend ripe for public discourse and inclusive public policy.

European Union, an economic alliance.

Progress in this area will remain a measure of strength for success for in sustainable undertaking.

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TeamMx Field Unit Operations
Oceania, Wellington, New Zealand
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TeamMx Oceania
New Zealand

TeamMx field operations are coordinated from Wellington, New Zealand. Oceania is a region made up of thousands of islands throughout the Central and South Pacific Ocean. Its name establishes the Pacific Ocean as the defining characteristic of the region that’s home to the world’s most diverse range of indigenous cultures. It possesses a vast repository of cultural traditions and ecological adaptations, and where many people continue an ancestral way of life.
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Environmental concerns
Community stability

Interwoven threads connect people, faith and environment across the scattered islands of Oceania.

Socio-cultural viability.

A way of life dependent upon mutual relationships, cultural stance and engrained social relations.

Migration and cultural identity.

Seafaring ancestors discovered & settled on remote islands, their descendants are forever appreciative.

TeamMx Field Unit Operations
Strategic Field Criterion, Justice
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Criterion Justice

This concludes a stage in the portrayal of our Global Reach Initiative to address the need for paradigmatic shifts in thinking, and to execute quality performance required for leadership, law and governance to meet increasing demands and needs of an evolving global community and its attendant ethos.  This requires implementing procedures for social justice, but for it to succeed must overwhelmingly project spiritual values. Anything less will only heighten the quagmire.
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Social justice
Collective endeavour

Human rights are moral principles & norms that describe standards of human behaviour by concerted acts.

Economic security and political parity.

Economic security is the condition of having acquired economic resources derived in part from political pariaty.

Global justice from theory to practice.

Global justice theoretically addresses the need for just distribution of benefits to unburden human society.

TeamMx Field Operations
Global Reach Initiative
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TeamMax Field Operations

Providing the Support needed to Achieve Sustainability

Serving Stakeholder Communities

Humanity is experiencing unprecedented turbulence that continues to confront and confound a moribund leadership; a leadership that remains fixated on archaic systems, outdated methodologies, and sometimes decades delayed solutions to crisis that now engulf and overwhelm human populations struggling to survive.

We employ a two-level approach in addressing this problem within regions and at the local community level; one works from the top down, while the other works from the bottom up; each requires foresight and commitment to achieve results.

The first requires working with leadership to plan, create, and implement sustainable criteria to support fledgling local communities; second, work at the local level with stakeholders and stakeholder communities to garner their support and input on what they believe it requires for them to achieve sustainability.

  • Renewed moral perspective
  • Ethical frameworks in governance
  • Diversity inclusive
  • Gender justness
  • Collaborative decisions
  • Institutional requirements
  • Justice as bases for planning
  • Social transformation
  • Moral leadership
  • Stablizing effects of law

Global Reach

It lays out the frame by which to execute the philosophy, principles, policy, mission, goals and objectives of the Prallagon Consulting Group. It envisions the time when humanity desires to be released from the fetters of fatalistic orthodoxy.

Trilateral Operand

Local Community Development. The Trilateral Operand is the core construct that houses the philosophical base and support frameworks that guide agency endeavors. It fuses leadership, law, and governance as a unified componen.

Actionable Framework

It's of utmost importance that in planning the way forward for humanity it must include an effective well-managed criterion based in the reality that humanity, as a species, is an entity-of-one that embodies the 'spirit of community'.


At the core of current problems facing humanity is the overriding need to address the severe lack of spiritual perspective in strategic planning and policy implementation to resolve issues of growing poverty, environmental crisis, social inequality, racial injustice, political corruption, cross-national crime, the climate emergency and a host of others too many to mention here; all of which have profound implications and consequences for how human populations can sustain efforts to achieve quality of life and ensure ultimate survival.



Experience must gain traction at the community level to Prove Its Worth

Development specialist, policy wonks, economists, social workers, and others to include multi-stakeholder partnerships and alliances, will accomplish little for their efforts if no positive results are forthcoming at the local community level where the burden for success of any development project remains with those that have the most to lose.

In Pursuit of

Sustainable Achievements through Justice and Sacrificial Endeavours


We focus intently on identifying those underlying issues responsible for problematic occurrences in society and determine counter measures to effect long-term positive results. This approach is a mainstay in all our planning and decision-making venues where cultural interoperability becomes a premier asset and a standing norm. We strive to galvanize both an individual and collective capacity for moral leadership that when embodied with principles of justice, morphs gifted practitioners able to resolve hard challenges faced by stakeholders and stakeholder communities.

High Quality, Ethically Sourced Solutions

frameworks to ensure community welfare

collaborative multi-tasked partnerships

Improved administrative performance


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