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Global Action Plan

Human Development In a Global Context



This plan is not about ‘social and economic development’ as currently espoused by development specialists and others. The action plan we have developed is about elevating hearts and minds to achieve a global consciousness based on spiritual values, the oneness of humanity, species identity, human commonality, and gender justness. As this plan grows and develops, self-help, individual cooperation, and collective endeavour will revolutionize ideas and understandings to where human accomplishments occur at a rapid pace far beyond our current conceivability.

The plan sets in motion a series of objectives to be accomplished within a series of progressive milestones planned for ten, twenty-five, and fifty-year intervals within a one hundred year cycle, and into out-years that extend beyond a two hundred year margin. This is long-range planning at its best. It plans and projects human accomplishments over extended time-horizons with adjustments made as needed based on situational analysis, occurrences, and new knowledge gained.

The goal of any plan must be to advance human civilization, a process that requires foresight, thought, creative planning, knowledge, quality decisions, and the exercise of human will. Here it brings to the fore the creative genius inherent to humanity’s vast and complex diversity. When galvanized, it learns to employ positive methods of interacting with human differences, providing assurance that meaningful endeavours are often best accomplished based on collective human activity.


Early On

Humanity is reeling from the after-effects of an insidious colonial enterprise and its attendant insatiable imperialism, self-evident based on an analysis of time-stamped social and economic outcomes now ravaging natural environments and human populations worldwide. No longer do they operate in their original form, but since morphed as twin ‘deities’—racism and materialism. These ‘isms’, intertwined and supportive, spawn ideologies, policies and decisions that set standards which regulate society, business, and government. We created the Global Action Plan as an alternative approach to counter this malady; understanding that it is only a ‘Plan’ and not ‘The Plan’ needed to correct systemic deficiencies in policy decisions, systems of governance, and others. Our internal agencies provide much needed support, and also that received from an in-house group which enlist external input. This means that our entire organization is inherent to the Plan itself, as further investigation will bare witness.


Forward Thinking

At this stage in human history, a time when knowledge has increased, philosophical systems developed, technical procedures established, technologies abound, and major advances made in the sciences, arts, inventions and industries, the major question that confronts us is what can impel humanity to change its thinking and act in ways that embrace opportunities to improve the human condition on a global scale? First, we must instill a process for universal education and continue to promote new instrumentalities toward this end; second, accept the honor of full responsibility to gain a global conciousness, its interconnection with humanity as an entity-of-one and supported by species identity; third, avoid pursuing selfish interests, personal advantages, and nefarious activities; and forth, advance the pursuit of justice to secure human society, which will advance civilization itself.


The Direction of Civilization


We must look about the world to observe and find what we believe will advance humankind and further civilization; seek the ideals and wisdom of scholars and philosophers and strive to provide innovative ways to promote and practice them; use our senses and faculties to serve the greater good; distinguished ourselves based on perceptiveness and reason; and work to create new frameworks to educate and uplift the masses.


Together We Plan

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Understand Change

Social and cultural change involves imagination. It requires us to engage unfamiliar concepts and principles in novel ways by using our minds to grasp complexities we do not yet comprehend. In this way we can imagine unknown social realities able to influence both local and global thinking. It must include our feelings, how we act, how we think and be able to induce a change in ourselves that will have a positive effect on our lifestyle.



Philosophical inquiry is an approach that originates from philosophical pragmatism, a tradition that considers words and thought as tools and instruments for prediction, problem solving, and action, and rejects the idea that the function of thought is to describe, represent, or mirror reality. It upholds that knowing is not an acquisition of knowledge that is external to the knower, but arises from a community of inquiry that engages with and constructs opinions within group activity. It can be a powerful tool used to gain insight into possibilities for realizing sustainable futures. We relate it to the 'philosophy of understanding'.


Strategic Knowledge

Question the knowledge systems that have given rise to shape the present order. Reveal their defective elements and define the conceptual structures and logical organization to replace them. Thus providing the basis for future societies to operate within a global framework with the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed for their construction and maintenance.


We have something to say

Culture, under the stimulus of great minds, expanded the frontiers of knowledge and coupled with hard-work, ambition and effort, increased the process of what we now term as social and economic development. By using our perceptive abilities, we can draw analogies from present-day circumstances and provide conclusions based on collective experience to envision future realities, practices and situations, now having potential, that would guarantee progressive accomplishments over extended time-horizons.

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Spiritual Life

Clarification of spirituality in relevance to health and nursing through a conceptual analysis process that presents a unique perspective.
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Universal Education

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Gender Justness

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Oneness Principle

The reality that humankind lives scientifically comfortable in its oneness as a species, the principle that guides all our endeavours.
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Human Species Identity

Defining a human species identity will secure a durable foundation that promotes a global polity for collective human bonding.

Global Reach Initiative



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