Global Health

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) provides unique, critical services that no other agency provides.

Its global programs are run by world experts in epidemiology, surveillance, informatics, laboratory systems, and other essential disciplines and provide strong global health leadership capacity. The work of these experts strengthens critical public health services around the world.

CDC engages foreign governments to help address their health challenges which support the interests of the global community. In addition to providing health benefits, the collaborations often serve as entry points for broader diplomatic engagement, making CDC’s global work critical.

Its global programs address more than 400 diseases, health threats, and conditions that are major causes of death, disease, and disability – building upon public health programs, expertise, and knowledge of these diseases to help protect the international community from major health threats, wherever they arise.


Our vision is of innovators across all areas of expertise who have important attributes in common from innovative thinking to an ability to build trust along with confidence and unbridled devotion to spearhead human accomplishment. Today, humanity faces a unique set of challenges with the world changing at a rapid pace and the need to be proactive, to guide events as much as is possible rather than let events overtake us. It will require moral courage with conviction and willingness to take risks to bring vision to reality.


We explore global health in line with a cohesive global public policy to better understand how an entwined and mutual interchange supports human progress and delineate ways in which human discourse when operating outside erroneous concepts and misperceptions can inspire mutual respect and champion a collective will.

What price we pay?
What is the price we pay by exploiting acts of violence to instill a lust for righteous vengeance that contends with human intellect to become the primary means for resolving difficult challenges? Analyze the media we consume daily.
Commercialised Us.
Much like Pavlova’s dog, marketing forces condition us to respond in positive ways to commercialization. We are consistently being told what we need to live a good life, to which we agree, empowered by credit-card access. The net result is rampant personal indebtedness that we seem willing to suffer through for a lifetime.  As uncontrolled personal spending expands, personal indebtedness will also increase and portend negative results for global human development.
Turn Around. Face The mirror.
What do you see?
Being Human.

You see yourself as being human, having a particular essence and unique capabilities that makes you a different kind from animals.  You understand the need to use your creativity, talents, abilities that with an inherent willingness to do what you can to advance global human development. 

Global Health

Global health is the health of populations in the global context. It is the area of study, research and practice to achieve equity in health for all people.

Global Health Histories

Its mission is to understand the history of health in order to help the global public health community to better respond to the health challenges of today.

Journal Of Global Health

The journal provides stakeholders with an independent critical assessment of the key issues that dominated the global health community.

CDC - Global Health

Be aware that disease knows no borders. In today’s interconnected world, diseases can quickly spread from an isolated, rural village to any major city.

UNU International Institute for Global Health

The UNU International Institute for Global Health is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It is the designated UN think tank on global health. The Institute serves as a policy translation hub for UN member states, agencies and programs, and generates policy-relevant analysis to inform, develop, implement and evaluate health programs.

Common Purpose

Notions of “us” and “them” weakens multilateralism, makes it difficult to establish and achieve cohesive global public policy goals, and are not in line with our mission. We operate based on the idea that humanity is inherently interconnected and that what affects one also affects all; that no one individual person, or group of people, is superior to others; and these ideas frame our approach to global human development to ensure that our objective are met.

The embodiment of a shared identity and common purpose has universal value across a vast array of a resource-rich diversity of humanity. We now discern a growing consciousness among humanity of the need for multilateral cooperation and movement towards a harmonious way of achieving social and economic goals. In this way, the principle of the inherent oneness of humanity as being interconnected influences how we move forward. 


Transformative change can only come about if we transcend the realm of antiquated technique and make a profound inquiry into what is the reality and ultimate aim of human development in a global context.

A small cadre of experts and specialists can accomplish making and revising laws and similar objectives. However, in contrast, expanding the foundations for human well-being and purpose will require a much wider conversion, not to a few working on behalf of the many, but borne by greater and greater proportions of the human family exposed through its vast inherent diversity. It means a broad-based collective effort guided and supported by an agreed cohesive global public policy.

It requires wrestling with difficult problems and issues that elicit a profound set of questions. How will human beings need to act towards one other to fulfill policy goals and objectives? What patterns of interaction will it require between and among individuals, communities, and the governing institutions of society? In what ways will qualities of spirit such as generosity, respect, integrity, and justice find practical, tangible expression in everyday life?

Questions like these are challenging. They touch on complex issues of belief and social value and resist being answered by a simple recipe or formula. Yet, widespread human well-being depends on a conscious exploration of the prerequisites for that very well-being. This means that we can achieve human progress through a viable agenda that operates in concert with a cohesive global human development policy and pursued with a collective effort to accomplish its goals and objectives.

Human Dynamic

Human Dynamic

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Universal Values

Universal Values

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Global Public Policy

Global Public Policy

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Leadership's Role

“People naturally try to wrap their heads around unfamiliar and challenging situations by comparing them to what has come before…searching for the best historical analogy to help them understand what is happening to the global order.”

Times have changed and given humanity’s current situation, this is not a viable approach.

Before we can implement proper solutions, leadership must first gain a defining role — one with forward-vision, that’s proactive, shows unrelenting moral courage, is renowned for integrity and forbearance, and whose primary intent is the pursuit of justice in all undertakings.

Now that leadership is strategically positioned, it can engage human diversity that through a collective effort to create and implement resource-reliant policies that guarantee sustainable pursuits over the long term.


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