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Global Promise
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Institute For GlobalPromise

Everything starts
with an idea!

We are challenged to inquire, probe, explore, scrutinize and investigate to understand how and by what means truth is forthcoming and what action to take when revealed.

What is Global Promise?
Virtual education and training institute, a community of energetic people imbued with a shared vision and sound sense of purpose, joined in a combined effort to make a better world through commitment, education, research, and innovation.
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Who We Are

Who We Are

We are a full-service education and training institute that provide unique programs and opportunities to support human progress and community development in globalised settings.

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Nurturing the future entwines knowledge
and action as integral components.

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Combine human qualities with performance
to expand humanity's innate capabilities

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Non-ecommerce related, discover how we work to bring about community sustainability.

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Simple yet bold, our purpose is to provide the framework needed to guide human endeavours.

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In tune with agency philosophy and objectives, Global Promise operates integral to it's brand

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We provide stakeholders the tools they need to build sustainable communities.



From academics through to field operations, explore the challenging opportunities available to find your workplace in globalised settings.

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Pioneer effective methods in education with innovative norms to help advance social and economic viability, globally.

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Research, planning and collaboration provide ethics, principles & standards to guide an emergent global ethos.

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Academics, researchers, planners, and lay-persons work in partnership to create long-term sustainable pathways.

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Fields studies are conducted with help by stakeholders to assess efforts by local communities to realise sustainable goals.

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knowledge to inspire the human will

Institute For GlobalPromise

A core challenge faced by the Institute is to understand how and by what means truth can be forthcoming and what action to take when revealed. The quest for knowledge does not begin and end in words. Knowledge by itself is not enough because we need the will to act on it in order to reveal its benefits. It will require deep study, analysis, reflection, and hard work to bring knowledge and truth into being and reveal their mutual unlying support elements. To gain a mere semblance of what it takes to be involved in this process will require intense effort. Only then will we be able to unravel many unfamiliar and often daunting complexities to achieve favourable results.

Truth, knowledge, and foresight are elements needed to bring humanity out of the depth of ignorance and gain a more concrete understanding of itself and its inevitable responsibility. It will require unbridled determination exercised through a collective effort to master this challenge. The Institute For Global Promise is at the cusp to help start the process.

To support this undertaking, the Institute created and activated The Center For Strategic Knowledge Knowledge and its companion The Center for Actionable Knowledge. The Institute, as well as its two auxiliary components, takes their place alongside all collaborative elements of the consultancy to help foster sustainable pathways to help achieve a more prosperous future.

Note: The Institute is under development. Programs and additional information will be made available in the near future.


We engage the concept of an ‘actionable knowledge framework’ to overcome the dichotomy of reducing learning (knowledge acquisition) to a rigid set of rules, process, and procedures. Actionable knowledge results from efforts in play to create new knowledge. Ideas change over time because of societal changes, events, experiences and circumstances. But to avoid becoming complacent and ills which it perpetuates, humanity will need new understandings able to produce sustainable outcomes.

Global Implications

Implications are that a 'strategic knowledge framework' shapes and strengthen human capacity to become more proficient and effective as understanding and experience accumulate. In addition, flexibility supports long-term planning with phased-in objectives and modifications when needed based on quality data analysis. Global Promise exists to engage in coordinated research designed to reveal new knowledge, elevate human conciousness, and forge new pathways in human understanding.

Research Workflow

The researcher's workflow includes research design, data collection, analysis, and assessment. Aspirants work as teams to increase their effectiveness by using platforms and systems that support their research workflow. Their efforts include opportunities to enhance research productivity and produce qualitative findings. An open source approach best defines how the Global Promise community has developed as a major proponent of researcher workflow systems and platforms.

Global Reach Initiative

The Global Reach Initiative is the field extension of Global Promise. It executes agency philosophy, policy, goals and objectives to plan, promote and encourage unified effort to advance human endeavors based on principles of justice; supported by the reality that humanity exist as an entity-of-one. In this way, all agency work is channeled as a ‘global reach’ to collaborate, plan, educate, train, and interactive with stakeholders to provide the support they need to achieve local community sustainability.

Burnshire Academy

The Academy operates integral to Global Promise. It focus is on educating and training aspirants in the concepts, principles and methods of ‘actionable knowledge’, that when implemented advances human endeavor in a global context. It requires purpose, based on a premise that leaves no doubt about the process required to produce a positive outcome. It manifests as life’s passion to implement a concept learned into daily practice, to decide on a new routine where the goal is to provide a service that inspires human progress.


We entwine knowledge with action in the Institute process, and work to address the requirements of an actionable framework that delivers support for human achieve in a globalising environment.


Our approach includes: (a) investigation of truth based on scientific inquiry, (b) engage in collaborative discourse, and (c) consult to extract actionable knowledge through various modes of inquiry.


Knowledge gained requires it to be translated into constructive activity. Aspirants are those who work in concert with Institute goals and highlight their work by achieving its objective.

Through our collaborations and mutual support, we building solid internal relationships required to learn and to appreciate human diversity and those values it provides to revolutionize our thinking and help fulfill the need to advance a global civilization. We gain tremendous strength through teaching, research, and application of innovative techniques to accomplish our mission objectives by joint effort.


Progressive steps taken by humanity are aligned with it having gained the conscious reality of its oneness as a single aspiring species.


Research and analysis to plan and devise methods needed to advance human development time-progressive sequence.


The effect (result) that takes place in the line of causation (action) that depends upon two variables: space and time.

Global Promise

Knowledge to Inspire Human Will

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Global Human Development Initiative

Sustainable achievements

through justice

and sacrificial endevours.

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