Global Promise

Collective effort to make the world a better place


Future progress of humanity will depend on steps it takes to attain the conscious reality of its oneness as a single aspiring species. This simple but complex principle when committed to practice will perpetuate momentous change in human affairs, placing humanity on an evolutionary course to mark its departure from an antediluvian past.

The falsification of history has done more to impede human development
than any one thing known to mankind. -Jean-Jacques Rousseau

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The primary duty of Global Promise is to engage and adapt ‘actionable knowledge’ for usage in real-world settings. Actionable knowledge and related information are used to create education and training programs adapted for field operations. When implemented and based on response-assessment, programs may undergo revision to facilitate agency goals and objectives. We share findings and analysis with the Prallagon Academy, the Advisory Collective and the Field Advisory; an inter-collaborative relationship that recommends workable solutions on matters of importance.


Global Promise as an education and training institution is an innovation that places into effect a unique concept: To substantiate efforts to reveal growing information (theoretical truth, in relation to reality) from which to postulate theorems and workable approaches to life. Results can offset social maladies and attendant deficiencies that threaten to retard humanity’s progress to achieve social stability and economic viability in a globalized world.

Actionable Knowledge

The Institute analyzes actionable knowledge to the fullest extent possible, to determine if the information it receives is workable and thus applicable to field operations. Besides its own academic undertakings, it maintains close interrelations with the Academy, Advisory Collective, and the Field Advisory to share findings and analysis and consult on matters of importance.

Academic Framework

The institute functions semi-autonomous as a core structure within the Agency's academic framework. It operates not under a single structural formula but as a composite of active intelligentsias with high collaborative energy. Internal adjustments are made when experiencing expected and perhaps unknown aberrations. This degree of flexibility validates its mandate for goal accomplishment.

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Prallagon Academy

Changing the voice of time in open space to make learning unprecedented. Engaged in academic instruction, research, discourse, consultation, etc
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Advisory Collective

The key advisory functionary within the consultancy’s operating frameworks. It comprises subunits of with expertise as primary resources.
global Reach

Global Reach Initiative

Executes agency philosophy, policy, goals, and objectives to plan, promote and encourage unified effort to advance human endeavours.

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