Case Study

Shaping Human Performance

Combining lofty ideas with practical strategies based on principals of justice to produce sustainable outcomes.

Trilateral System


Prallagon is an acronym for the ‘practice of leadership, law and governance’. As an active trilateral, it anchors our approach to global human development and is a core element in our planning, operations and programs. Known internally as Trilateral System Integration, this process stimulates human capacity to create those sustainable pathways necessary to secure a prosperous future.

We give serious consideration to the principle that defines humankind's oneness and identifies it as a noble species, as it directly addresses humanity's potential to organise and advance collective and unified endeavours. The principle's active impact on the human species will be immense, and made even more so when aligned with moral principles, spiritual values and ethical standards of conduct; bedrock for sound development policy and to provide unremitting guidance to advance humanity's achievements, global in scale, over extended time-horizons.

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