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Planned SD concepts
Human Species Identity
Conflict, Diversity, and Human Species Identity
Diversity of Opinion
Diversity of Opinion,
Give Rise to Truth
Ideas, Insights, Actions
Clarification of Ideas, Insights, Effective Action
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Scholarly Interests
Auspicious Opportunities for Scholarly Interests
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Science & Religion
Companionate Relationship of Science and Religion
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Learned Individuals
Vital Contribution
of Learned People
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Intelligence & Knowledge
Nature of intelligence &
the quest for knowledge
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Concept of Power
Moral Empowerment in
Quest of a Pedagogy
2016 by Dr. Sona Farid-Arbab
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Human Species Identity
Human Species Identity
Diversity of Opinion
Diversity of Opinion
Ideas, Insights, Actions
Ideas, Insights, Actions
Scholarly Interests
Scholarly Interests
Science & Religion
Science & Religion
Learned Individuals
Learned Individuals
Intelligence & Knowledge
Intelligence & Knowledge
Concept of Power
Concept of Power
Strategic Framework
Strategic Framework

Innovative Framework

Inspiring a Global Vision for Change

An innovative framework is an evolving understanding of ideas, principals and objectives that are perceived and change over time based on experience and circumstance; an all-inclusive effort to advance the human condition in a global context, detailing a scheme and requirements needed to create an extensive actionable framework that through concerted effort assist in reconciling long-standing misguided and short-sighted assumptions about the true nature and purpose of the human race.

Entity of One

Develop the conscious reality of the oneness of the human species and engage all that it portends.

Spiritual Infusion

The essence and core reality of  human diversity. It works to perfect that diversity through its oneness.

Empathy and Justice

A non-adversarial approach to achieve individual, social, economic, and institutional well-being.

Learning AND Doing

Within the midst of a rapid world-wide change we are attempting to learn how to manifest viable relationships among individuals, communities and institutions. Supported by independent research and with a profound search for truth, this undertaking will help ensure that knowledge, inclusive analysis, and forthright action will remain key components of our ongoing strategy to construct an innovative framework that inspires a vision for global change.


We must learn to express points-of-view in ways that reflects a maturing human race based on unifying relationships among individuals, communities, and institutions; as protagonists of one organic whole, not discordant competing elements reflective of the adolescent stage of social development.

The goal is to search for truth, right action, and justice in all undertakings.

Culture Constructs Confused with human nature

By confusing cultural constructs with human nature it becomes difficult, almost impossible, to recognise or imagine other cultural possibilities. Alternative ways of thinking, talking and acting become marginalised by what's taken as common sense or realism that the culture itself constructs.

Change is contingent upon our ability to step outside that labeled as 'Culture of Contest'.

The Need for New Patterns of Collective Community Life

The current and reoccurring global crisis has raised awareness of the importance of solidarity and collective action for 'community build'; to explore what is the place of community in this modern world by reconceptualising the concept of community in order to build a unified vision of community life.

Building stable and progressive communities will require new patterns of thought/collective effort.

Building Community

The process of building community is much like the organic process that takes place in nature, creating something in social reality that's much like planting a seed in fertile soil. In this case it begins with people inspired by a vision of change who then consult, plan, and take action together to initiate the process.


We must think in terms of planning for the long-term with desirable objectives and milestones achieved at pre-designated intervals. Of course we cannot know what the entire process will look like, what stages humanity will pass through, what capacities need to be developed at each stage, but the pathway will be made clearer through a systematic process of learning, flexibility, and collective action.


As we learn more about the process of community building and how to effectively contribute to it, certain questions are made evident. For instance, what is my conception of community and what contributions can I make to assist in its development? What are those qualities, skills, and abilities needed to be developed in individuals and in groups in order to build a vibrant community? An innovative framework to inspire a global vision for change must address such questions forthrightly, and with foresight and wisdom provide the principles needed to guide the process through to fruition.

Spirit of Service

Cultivation a spirit of service has profound implications for ourselves as a member of a community. Furthermore, the manner in which we approach acts of service we undertake demonstrates the quality of leadership that provides impetus for improved family relationship, demonstrates selflessness and diligence in making right choices, and the willingness to put the interests of the collective before our own. It means to devote ourselves to doing things with excellence, to be ready to collaborate, and to move beyond inertia that often holds us back from working to the best of our ability. This, then, becomes inclusive to the innovative framework we now labor to bring into being, to begin to express the capacity latent within us that can be developed and strengthened through consistent effort, the acquisition of knowledge, and reflection on human commonality and its operative spiritual core.


Diversity inclusiveness is key for taping into the accumulating knowledge of the human race, and to consult on questions that arise will engender a process that increases the learning curve and promote capacity for community development.


During the early stages of 'building community' it becomes evident that attention must be given to processes associated with leadership, law and governance; trilateral means to help create sustainable pathways and marshal the moral courage needed to secure the publics welfare. The trilateral draws insights from the existing body of knowledge, reflects on experience and with flexibility and insight, adjusts its plans, approaches, and activities. The results is that means are acquired to exponentially advance the organic process of community building.

Principal of Oneness

This is the foundation principle upon which the creation of an innovative framework to inspire a global vision for change is based. It must be seen as having profound implications for all aspects of human society. It sheds light on the process of community building and, in that regard, gives direction to our efforts create those sustainable pathways able to achieve effect results.


An objective analysis takes into account the 'pros and cons' of situations experienced, decisions to be made, and their projected outcomes. This is done to best decide how to surmount seemingly insurmountable obstacles in order to accomplish stated objectives. A positive approach to reconcile problems is undertaken with a 'can do' attitude. Least acceptable is an excessive attitude about why something cannot be done. The world is undergoing rapid change, and new ideas for social innovations are required to establish the direction humanity must take to secure its future and also manage an emerging global ethos. Proactive planning will help lessen, to a degree, the intensity of onslaughts humanity must endure in its quest for maturity.

Our Common Future

World events have instilled awareness for the need to develop a new understanding of community, to move beyond what we currently know or have experienced and create a vision of community that encapulsates humanity’s common future. Submit your project to unify community.



Tools & Resources

Local Indigenous Knowledge

Local Indigenous Knowledge

International Conference on Local [Indigenous] KnowledgeThe International Conference on Local [Indigenous] Knowledge is an annual conference first started by the Local Knowledge Secretariat of the Universiti Sains, Malaysia, in 2011. Its aims are to discuss the...

Civic Culture

Civic Culture

Species identity in the future community of global consciousness will not be a concept that gains ascendancy over other identities, and will threaten no one. It will rather be a crowning awareness of how all human identities crafted over time come together in a common. . .

Institute For Global Promise

A core challenge faced by the Institute is to understand how and by what means truth can be forthcoming and what action is needed to unravel many daunting complexities to achieve favourable results.

Global Reach Initiative

The Global Reach Initiative executes agency protocols to plan and implement stakeholder help at the local level. TeamMx Field Unit members assist with planning sustainability goals and objectives.


Global Human Development Initiative

Sustainable achievements

through justice

and sacrificial endevours.

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