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We entwine knowledge and action in the Institute's work to address the requirements of an actionable framework that’s integral for human development in a global context.

Approach includes: (a) investigation based on scientific inquiry, (b) discourse, and (c) consultation to extract actionable knowledge and is not limited in modes of inquiry.

Knowledge obtained requires translating it for constructive activity, an effort performed by specialists who work in concert with Institute objectives.


Core Feature

A core feature of the institute is to understand how and by what means truth is forthcoming and what action to take. The quest for knowledge does not begin and end in words. Knowledge by itself is not enough because we need the will to take action. It requires much work and study to bring knowledge and truth into focus and reveal their supporting elements. This process will produce positive outcomes, but also with unusual complexities. This process will continue until we achieve favorable results.

Actionable Framework

We design the concept of an actionable knowledge framework to overcome the dichotomy of reducing learning (knowledge acquisition) to a rigid set of rules and procedures. We base actionable knowledge on how ideas change over time with experience and circumstances.

The implications are that the actionable knowledge framework gives shape to activities that strengthen and become more elaborate, proficient, and effective as understanding and experience accumulate. In this way, flexibility supports long-term planning and phased-in objectives. We made adjustments and modifications based on the analysis of circumstances at the period of discovery within various cycles and intervals in time.


Our workflow comprises a system of research projects managed by our teams who analyze, collaborate, and consult on viable solutions to problems. We organize everything—from planning, policy initiatives, tasks, goals, and objectives to priorities and responsibilities related to human development in a global context. Resulting information enhances our consulting efforts and forms the bases for our institute training and education programs provided by our academy.





The Prallagon Institute is placed into effect as a unique and innovative concept to substantiate efforts to reveal evolving information (theoretical truth) from which to postulate appropriate theorems and approaches that can then be used to offset myriad social maladies and deficiencies that might arise, repeatedly, over extended periods of time.


The Prallagon Institute functions semi-autonomously within a fluctuating structure which cannot adequately be represented by a single structural formula but as a composite of active intelligentsias of higher energy to adjust internally for expected but perhaps largely unknown aberrations.


The ongoing process of internal vigilance to correct deficiencies and remove unwanted elements are efforts made for process refinement to ensure wholesome functionality.


Consultation is an instrument with broad implications whose value is the collective search for truth and understanding.  Though largely unexplored, it plays an important role in the Institute process.

An inherent problem to human understanding is the impact of discursive methods when engaged in consultation to investigate ideas placed for consideration.  There is also the inability of the ego to free itself from ownership of an idea when presented.  They both stymie the search for truth. How to submit and investigate ideas are forthrightly address by the Institute through its policies and practices.

A conceptual actionable framework, one that forms the basis for intellectual discourse, is a wide latitude for individuals to hold and express personal views.   When each individual expresses his/her own ideas and beliefs for consideration, ideally, human growth and development are inevitable. This is freedom of conscience, the liberty of thought, is the right of individual speech to prevail; however, within reason, because guidance placed on limits avoids overstepping boundaries.  Practitioners learn to structure their ideas with clarity, sufficiency, and effectiveness.


Provided below are modalities to support research and analysis in devising methods needed to advance global human development. Not all-inclusive, but remain key elements for consideration.


indispensable resources

Professionals in various fields, lay-persons, scholars, and experts interact to research topics having an individual, community, national, and international relevance. The Institute serves as an indispensable resource to highlight the need for revealing actionable knowledge that's able to challenge outdated modes of thinking and initiate viable undertakings for human development in an exceedingly complex world.

Vital Expertise


Support Elements

Supporting the Institute programs are its various sub-units, including the Center for Strategic Knowledge and the Center for Cohesive Global Public Policy. Joining the activities are the Actionable Framework, Prallagon Library, Prallagon Academy, various in-house Forums, Standpoint, and all Blog posts. They provide information to all functionaries for their consideration and use as building blocks in program activities.

Information Sharing


Human Diversity

Human diversity also relates to cultural diversity, and at its core is that spiritual component which provides for a self-awareness, creative potential, and the moral and ethical persuasion needed to address societal needs.  Within the vast variety of human societies and cultures, their ethnic dynamisms, their similarities and differences, resides a transformative power able to reshape the human condition.

Inclusive Operability



‘Since respect for human life and dignity is fundamental to all religious traditions, and respect for the freedom of thought and expression is a recognized fundamental principle of religion’.  Faith-based communities are important in the lives of a mass majority of humankind, and for that reason, we need their principled input to help create viable pathways to achieve sustainable futures.

Freedom of Expression


Moral Authority

Moral authority is authority premised on principles or fundamental truths, which are independent of written or positive laws. Moral authority necessitated the existence of an adherence to truth. Because truth does not change, the principles of moral authority are immutable or unchangeable. Moral authority has also been defined as the “fundamental assumptions that guide our perceptions of the world”.

Adherence to Truth


Gender Equity

We relate gender equality and gender equity as terms with different meanings.  Equity relates to fairness and justice, and equality relates to being equal in status, rights, and opportunities.  But equity precedes equality because of the justice factor.  When justice is the primary goal, within its modus operandi are the means to an end; meaning, if equality is the end goal, equity is the means to get there. 

Quality Assurance


Scientific Facts

Science is humanity's vehicle for the pursuit of knowledge. What we do with those facts, to interpret and understand them, is to create a broader picture to make predictions about the function of those same facts. All models and theories are only representations and approximations of reality as we see it, and does not reveal the truth.  Science is a tool used with other techniques to better understand the nature of the natural world.


The very purpose of human life is the harmonious and full development of spiritual capacities. By extension, this would influence the totality of humankind.  The source of this observation, often referred to as spiritual growth, lies in the principles expressed by faith-based communities that represent a vast majority of humanity.  Then spiritually is the spearhead, the driving force to achieve human perfection.

Human Perfection


Social Science

"The philosophy of social science is the study of the logic, methods, and foundations of social sciences such as psychology, economics, and political science. Philosophers of social science are concerned with the differences and similarities between the social and the natural sciences, causal relationships between social phenomena, the possible existence of social laws, and the ontological significance of structure and agency."

Nature of Being

Aesthetic value

For the Insitute's purpose, aesthetic value is the value that an event or state of affairs possesses in virtue of its capacity to elicit positive value. It is whatever is discovered when evaluated as a type of cognitive value, ethical value, or interpretation-centered value that advances the human condition. This view claims that aesthetic value is constituted by defined values associated with an independent investigation to reveal truth.


space-time causality

Time, space and causality dominate the universal experience of humankind. Every incident in the universe happens according to these thought-forms. The effect (result) takes place in the line of causation (action) and depends upon two variables space and time. Thought-forms are put to good use by researchers and contributors like who attempt to exploit this relationship and reveal actionable knowledge.



Time is the condition for the transmission of thought.  A philosophical approach to the ontological nature of time is divided into three distinct regions, and  with the view that all existence in time is equally real.


Space is the boundless three-dimensional extent in which objects and events have relative position and direction. Modern physicists usually consider it with time as a boundless four-dimensional continuum.


Causality is the relationship between causes and effects. It is considered to be fundamental to all-natural science – especially physics and is also a topic studied from the perspectives of philosophy and statistics.

Artistic Expression

Major Influence For Global Human Development

sight seeing 50

Developments in the natural and social sciences have provided detailed understandings of environmental conditions and requirements to secure the socio-political order.  Advances in technologies and scientific discoveries continue to provide the means to communicate, transmit information, and a link to the global sphere.

The realm of art, art created for artistic expression, reflects the inner soul of humankind—emotions, feelings, experiences, or ideas to capture basic instincts and aspirations of human endeavor.  It reveals what the artist portrays, whose mark is visible throughout human history for all to experience.

To depict the totality of global human development, artists undertake to portray its advance through trials and trumps to give credence to the idea in music, dance, painting, and other forms of artistic expression.  The language of the artist is not of “quantifiable and computable fact, but of the soul, whose meanings and values are immeasurable”.

Qualitative perception rendered through artistic expression can do much to advance global human development.


Concepts & Principles

The Institute offers coursework focused on initiatives for professional and management development. It correlates various concepts and principles with contemporary thought and considers its implications for action based on various fields of scientific understanding.  Through this process and the subsequent exchange of ideas, views, perspectives, and evaluations, substantiating criteria placed into effect gives credence to resulting postulations.

The primary aim of the consultative process is to investigate the truth, and its position is secured within the Institute's processes and procedures.  Opinions expressed are not seen as being right or wrong, but only as  contributions to the consensus of opinions.  The clash of ideas reveals a clearer understanding of what is true and is reflected in the quality of decisions made to correct known abnormalities.

Support Modules

Cohesive Global Public Policy

Identify global issues negatively impacting society. Explore concepts, principles, and approaches used to define a cohesive global public policy.

Center for Strategic Knowledge

Great teachers emanate from knowledge, empathy, and justice, and students as their beneficiaries become  endowed with awesome but complex responsibility.

Understand Change

Social and cultural change involves imagination, requiring us to engage unfamiliar concepts and to grasp complexities we do not yet fully comprehend.

Knowledge Core

Great teachers emanate from knowledge, empathy, and justice. Students are their beneficiaries, now endowed with an awesome responsibility.

Academy for global human dev

The Academy for Global Human Development. Identify global issues, and explore concepts, principles, and approaches to define a cohesive global public policy.

Actionable Knowledge

An evolving understanding of concepts, beliefs, methods, vision, practices, and approaches relevant for the advancement of global human development.

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