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The Institute For GlobalPromise

Everything starts
with an idea!

As an education and research institute, our goal is to challenge current discourse; to inquire, probe, explore, and dissect in order to investigate humanity’s reason for being. We analyse to understand the means by which truth emerges and provide the philosophic foundation for actions taken when revealed. This provides an underlying basis for human development in the global context.

What is Global Promise?
Global Promise articulates a philosophical approach to building human relationships with abiding strength and resilience. This is inline with humanity’s natural instincts, but reinforced by an unremitting desire to secure positive social and economic change within a global context. This will require foresight, creativity, and direct action, without which building viable human relationships through collective action will remain allusive. To offset this challenge, we have devised unique approaches that use sustainable criteria to resolve current challenges while providing means to offset those yet to arise.
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Who We Are

Characteristics of Global Promise

We provide research, analysis, education, and training as enduring support for humanity's progress in globalizing environments.

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Nurturing the future entwines knowledge
and action as integral components.

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Combine human qualities with performance
to expand humanity's innate capabilities

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Non-ecommerce related, discover how we work to bring about community sustainability.

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Simple yet bold in providing the framework needed to guide human endeavours.

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In tune with agency philosophy and objectives, Global Promise operates integral to it's brand

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We provide stakeholders the tools they need to build sustainable communities.



Academics through diverse fields of study, explore the challenging opportunities available to find new meanings that are able to galvanise and guide human ability in ways that create a fail-safe globalised world.

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Providing empirical knowledge based on observation or experience rather than reliance on theory or pure logic.

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Research, planning and collaboration provide ethics, principles & standards to guide an emergent global ethos.

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Academics, researchers, planners, and lay-persons work in partnership to create long-term sustainable pathways.

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Perspectives & Operations

Fields studies are conducted with help by stakeholders to assess efforts by local communities to realise sustainable goals.



Providing access to Training and Centers of Learning along with a variety of quality information and materials to foster sustainable enquiry.

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new knowledge

Opening up new fields of endeavor founded on moral and ethical principles to advance global human development.

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Actionable Knowledge

Research, planning and collaboration provide ethics, principles & standards to guide an emergent global ethos.

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Creative Intelligence

The challenge for humanity is to investigate the source of all things to gain intelligence from diverse sources.

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Project Central

To inspire, plan, create and develop knowledge-based solutions to proactively guide an emergent global ethos.

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The Institute For GlobalPromise

The Institute For Global Promise is an integral institutional structure within the operational framework of the Prallagon Consulting Group. It represents a major departure from many of the current views, policies, philosophies, outlooks and platforms offering what they consider as sustainable criteria and processes to advance human development. The institute is engaged in an action oriented process that provides a more inclusive approach to human development and its advancement in the global context.

A primary goal of The Institute For Global Promise hinges on the question of philosophy and what it means for living and societal progression. Philosophy has been the mainstay of various cultures, influenced entire nations, and has helped shape world history. If this is true, then philosophy plays a fundamental role in life and society. The challenge before us, at this momentous time in history, is for philosophy to be a means to fix the flaw(s) of the modern world; to no longer turn a blind eye to oppression, political and economic repression, the deteriorating effects of rampant prejudices, and the onslaught of environmental degradation.


A core challenge faced by the Institute For Global Promise is to understand how and by what means truth can be forthcoming and what action to take when revealed. The quest for knowledge does not begin and end in words. Knowledge by itself is not enough because we need the will to act on it in order for its benefits to be revealed.


It will require deep study, analysis, reflection, and hard work to bring knowledge and truth into being and reveal their mutual unlaying support elements. To gain a mere semblance of what it takes to be involved in this process will require intense effort. Only then will we be able to unravel many unfamiliar and often daunting complexities to achieve favourable results.


Truth, knowledge, and foresight are elements needed to bring humanity out of the depth of ignorance and gain a more concrete understanding of itself and its inevitable responsibility. It will require unbridled determination exercised through a collective effort to master this challenge. The Institute For Global Promise is at the cusp to help start the process.


To support this undertaking, the Institute created and activated The Center For Strategic Knowledge and its companion The Center for Actionable Knowledge. The Institute, as well as its two auxiliary components, takes their place alongside all collaborative elements of the consultancy to help foster sustainable pathways to help achieve a more prosperous future.


Actionable knowledge framework overcomes the dichotomy of reducing learning to a rigid set of rules and procedures. It grows based on how ideas change over time with experience and circumstances. The implications for Global Promise are immense as the actionable knowledge framework gives shape to activities that strengthen and become more elaborate, proficient, and effective as understanding and experience accumulate. Its flexibility supports long-term planning with phased-in objectives.

Data Science Research

Implications are that data scientists will help shape and strengthen human capacity to become more proficient and effective by providing data used to create viable sustainability projects. As we progress into new and unknown areas, our analytical experts will use their skills both in technology and the social sciences to find trends and manage data. Global Promise exists to engage in coordinated research that’s designed to reveal the knowledge needed to forge new pathways in human achievement.

Creative Intelligence

The workflow includes research design, data collection, analysis, and assessment. Aspirants work in teams to increase their effectiveness by using platforms and systems inherent to IGP's research environment. Their efforts include opportunities to enhance research productivity and produce qualitative findings. An open source approach best defines how the Global Promise community has developed as a major proponent of research workflow systems. Its platforms of new knowledge are made ready for testing in real settings.

Global Reach Initiative

The Global Reach Initiative is the field extension of Global Promise. It executes agency protocols, philosophy, policy, goals and objectives at field-level to plan, promote and encourage unified stakeholder effort to advance sustainability endeavors. Data collected from field performance provides the basis for analysis to determine program viability. We channel agency work to ‘global reach’ to plan, collaborate, educate, train, and interact with stakeholders; to provide the support needed to achieve local goals and objectives.


Strategic knowledge empowers aspirants to use methodologies effective in translating new knowledge into both individual and collective action to achieve sustainable endeavors. It results from efforts made to understand the spiritual side of human nature. This knowledge is transferable if believed actionable, with procedural and methodological influences for both individual and collective activities. It opens up new vistas of endeavor based on moral and ethical principles to advance global human development.


We entwine knowledge with action in the Institute process, and work to address the requirements of an actionable framework that delivers support for human achievement in a globalising environment.

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Being Human

Adjusting to the pressures of human development in a global context. Provides for flexibility of practical criteria, questions long-held assumptions, and gives rise to ways in which new ideas find expression.

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Knowledge gained requires it to be translated into constructive activity. Aspirants are those who work in concert with Institute goals and highlight their work thru collective efforts to realise 'New Era' objectives.


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