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We provide ideas and understandings to assist you and your team in adopting a ‘change management strategy’ when crafting a cohesive global public policy to advance the human condition in a global context.

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Raising public awareness of global issues through knowledge
and perception with situational analysis based on facts.

critical solutions

The task before us is to enlist your assistance to advance global human development in ways that conform to the scientific fact that humanity exist as a complete, diverse, and complex species of one.  This means that we must provide the support need to confront and over disparities and inequalities in human dimensions to realize systematic progress.

Working in partnership with global experts and laypersons alike, we believe that together we can pioneer those critical solutions needed to advance human development in a global context.




Arguable opinion on a particular topic to provide a position in a specific matter.

Global Public Policy

Advancing global human development through research, planning, and governance.

New Thinking

Source of human foresight, planning, inventiveness, and freedom of expression.

Sustainable Pathways

Plans, policy, and initiatives that delineate means to achieve progressive achievements.

Nefarious Activity

Wilful and flagrant breaching of time-honored laws and traditions of conduct.

Strategic Criterion

Way forward for humanity must include an effective and well-managed criterion.


Influence your thinking in ways that help guarantee personal growth & development.


Acquire truth and understanding of the scholarship worthy of high endeavours.

Facilitative Leadership

Leading group consultation within delineated parameters and guidelines.
Higher levels of Problem solving


The advantage of this approach is objectively building on and valuing each other's ideas.

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Effective solutions often involve multiple moving parts based on input from diverse peoples.

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thematic areas

Research and collaboration are focused on three thematic areas, Global Public Policy, Global Human Development, and Global Politics and Culture.


It is essential to build partnerships as a variety of expertise is needed to understanding the challenges faced and opportunities available in a specific area.


Building consensus for group decision-making is a situation were individuals collectively make decisions from the alternatives presented to them.

Trilateral Integration

Building capacity of the individual and groups through a systems approach to development based in leadership, law, and governance.

Strategic Criterion

The criterion focuses on those principles and values that have guided human endeavor throughout millennia to make up the criteria needed to plan a cohesive global human development strategy. It portends a paradigmatic change in how we think about resolving intractable problems by identifying the cause of conflict and attacking its source. 


Our mentoring program is a tailor-made learning process that matches mentors with aspirants to accelerate their development while also enhancing a learning process for the mentors that also augments their areas of expertise.

Amsyar Kiambang

Amsyar Kiambang

International Economics

Strategic importance of a global currency to significantly reduce the risks of a future financial crisis and to enhance management capability.

Alicia  Calzada-Owusu

Alicia Calzada-Owusu

Global Public Policy

Shaping global management with the cooperation of states, corporations, NGOs, coalitions, and others to devise public policy frameworks in a global context.
Arif Baswedan

Arif Baswedan

Artificial Intelligence

The use of Artificial Intelligence in strategic interest to offset ethical challenges, promote collaboration, and enhance the global human development process.

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