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Prallagon came into being to address the moral and spiritual crises in leadership, the circumventing of law, weakening of justice in human affairs, and the lack of ethical criteria to guide the administrative functions of governance whose primary responsibility is to secure the publics’ welfare.

Our focus and ultimate intent is to first awaken and then galvanize for global development those latent human qualities of a moral and spiritual nature inherent to a diverse humanity. This will elevate consciousness to a level of entitlement where awareness and knowledge when combined with human will and collective action infused with empathy and justice can then redress the crass, wonton, materialistic, imbalanced, and imperceptible approaches long promoted by nefarious and biased sources as valid efforts able to secure the publics’ welfare.

This is our considerable proactive response to issues and dire circumstances endangering quality of life and by extension impact efforts to achieve global prosperity.
Global Prosperity—a multifaceted theme associated in every aspect of human existence. It suggests social justice on an international scale, including elements such as welfare and personal well-being. We link global prosperity to world order as ‘the organisation of laws and institutions of the world to promote prosperity in a global context.’ We align global prosperity with contemporary socio-economic structures and systems that prevail in the current world climate, under which to achieve positive results seem dubious.

The following information is provided to assist further research into the verious aspects associated with global prosperity.

Global Prosperity and Sustainable Development Goals
“Negotiations around Sustainable Development Goals and the post-2015 development agenda should go beyond just re-writing goals and targets that adhere to ‘sustaining’ the same old economic and social models. Instead, societies and governments should take this as an opportunity to advance more radical conceptual and practical approaches that challenge this reductive understanding of ‘sustainability’. The paper argues that we should turn our attention to prosperity rather than to development per se, recognising the critical role political and social innovation should have in unleashing individuals’ potential to flourishing in a context of finite resources. The interwoven, interdependent and ever-evolving nature of socio-ecological systems, together with the uncertainties and ‘unknowns’ that characterise contemporary reality, questions the relevance of one-size-fits-all goals. There is no single route to prosperity; diversity of objectives is essential and fundamental. Learning from initiatives in the Global South, such as the case of agroecology, might pave the way towards this paradigm shift.”
-Copyright © 2015 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. Moore, Henrietta. (2015). Global Prosperity and Sustainable Development Goals. Journal of International Development. 27. 10.1002/jid.3114.

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