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Global Reach Initiative

The underlying purpose of the Global Reach Initiative (GRI) is to engage the world’s peoples in assuming responsibility for their collective destiny, a strategy inherent to the conscious reality of the oneness of humanity, the guiding principle embodied by ‘Community Build’, a performance-based institutional reality that's inherent to the global reach approach.

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Human Development in the global context


The Global Reach Initiative lays out the strategy administered by the Field Advisory Council, overseen by Regional Coordination, whose subsidiary TeamMx Units performs ground-level operations to establish Community Build as a viable project at the local level.


GRI is a much needed effort to foster an optimistic mindset, to muster the moral courage required to transform the human condition in ways that ensure humanity’s well-being for the long-term. It encourages reflection on the inner self to better understand what makes up humanity, i.e., that which defines humans as being human, establishes its oneness and commonality; postulated as an inherent spiritual core that prevail with every individual, without which conscious reality, self-awareness, and infinite creativity will not exist.


This understanding of the primary source of creativity provides the basis and means to galvanize human development in the global context. It will require long-term commitment with focused intent to cultivate those characteristics inherent to a diverse humanity and in ways that afford it the best opportunity for long-term achievability; esoteric philosophical debate being anathema to the process.


This concept takes root in spiritual perception, as is the reality of humanity’s oneness as a species.  Based on this understanding, awareness and identity, and human diversity manifest as the resource needed to resolve enduring problems in order to build viable communities. By pursuing these five Guiding Principles⎯xxxxxxxxx, meaningful and positive partnerships will result and in turn provide strong problem solving capability, especially in crisis-prone settings.


This is bedrock that provides the means to resolve long-standing issues in human affairs. Success depends on methods conceived and implemented that resulted from a ‘clash of ideas’ put forth by a diverse humanity; to include creating milestones and objectives that remain aligned with moral and spiritual principles associated with a shared species’ identity.  The concept of ‘community build, an institutional reality is shaped through the performance of the above criteria.



The Global Reach Initiative (GRI) which operates at the behest of the Directorship, Prallagon Consulting Group. Next is the Field Advisory Council (FAC), which administers to but also receive input provided by Regional Coordination TRC), that in turn, oversees the activities of the TeamMx Field Units. Operating together, they play a pivotal role in devising, assigning, administering, and carrying out mission objectives and the ground strategy for the Global Reach Initiative.

Field Unit

Each TeamMx Field Unit comprise from two to four members, more if needed, depending on program requirements and depth of responsibility. Units are frontline performers who help stakeholders and stakeholder communities in creating and implementing criteria to achieve planned and agreed on milestones and objectives carried out within the context of Community Build.


The intent is to work with local stakeholders, encourage them to join with TeamMx Field Unit members that within the concept of Community Build, which has no predetermined rules, to create, implement, and monitor such projects and programs conceived and agreed on by the local stakeholders, to advance and sustain their community for the long-term; providing an ideological underpin to the advance of human development in the global context.



Distinct roles and behaviors of team members and stakeholders intertwine to impact community response and performance. Dynamics are unconscious, psychological factors that influence team member and stakeholder behaviour, that equate to value in performance at the highest levels, especially in crisis situations.

Team Culture

Building a supportive team culture based on diversity inclusiveness requires facilitative leadership. This requires using team-building exercises to encourage strong relationships between TeamMx Field Unit members and stakeholders to create working relationships that facilitate union and harmony non-conflict community activation. This process fosters social well-being and enhances enthusiasm for work by building mutual trust and respect. In this way, an inclusive work environment promotes open communication and sharing of ideas. Unit members and stakeholders expect and understand the need for change, and they realize experience and exponential growth potential through sharing knowledge and a willingness to undertake necessary action.


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