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Philosophy, Guidelines, Considerations

The mandate lays out the frame to execute and guide the Global Reach Initiative within a global context based on the philosophy, principles, policy, mission, goals and objectives of the Prallagon Consulting Group.

It envisions the time when humanity will aspire to be released from the fetters of a fatalistic orthodoxy, a prolonged and egregious entrapment largely of its own making. Ever-increasing pressures associated with newly activated and ballooning world events will only further aggravate an already aggrieved situation in which humanity continues to resist ‘forces of change’ that, if properly handled, would help secure its sustainability.

Change almost in any context may not be readily accepted and therefore met with massive resistance. The intense pressure for evolutionary change now engulfing humanity does not bode well for a favorable future; reason being—the mindset currently used to resolve crisis embodies similar characteristics that were pervasive in fifteenth-century euro-centric thinking.

The mandate driving ‘global reach’ is a dual process that proceeds on two levels: Provides the basis for the organization’s outreach to engage with international systems to advance social and economic development in a global context; and operates in field environments to support stakeholders and stakeholder communities in their efforts to plan policy and implement procedures designed to achieve sustainability at the local community level.

Challenges now gripping humanity are forcing it to implement plans, policy and procedures that will foster social and economic viability on a grand scale. This is change that’s evolutionary in its intent and purpose, inclusive and progressive in its ideology, foremost based on principles of justice, and guided by species-identity—the reality that humankind exists in creation as an entity-of-one. This forms the core of the mandate to which we aspire.

From about 1500 onward, a period grew that’s descriptively characterized as Western colonialism (a.k.a, Western imperialism). During this period a political-economic phenomenon occurred whereby various European nations explored, divided, conquered, settled, and exploited enormous areas of the world. Large segments of humanity subjected to realities for they were not prepared, caught in the grip of great-powers who were attempting to out-compete each other to gain great riches and achieve unprecedented glory. It only came to an unofficial close in the 1960s with the decolonization of Asia and African, a time much closer to us than we fully realize thinking that colonialism happened in the far and distant-past. Not so, as current world events continue to mirror its staggering aftermath with devastating effect.

Colonialism with its insatiable imperialistic cravings spawned unprecedented materialistic fervor, the remnants of which permeate modern-day societies from west to west, continent inclusive. Its aftermath displays residual decadence that continues to haunt and imperil the heart and soul of humanity, evidenced by ceaseless convulsions displayed daily on international news outlets; where economic inequality is rampant, where the negative aspects of humanity constantly revealed, where dazzling technological capabilities blinds the eye where false ideologies spread with pathogenic ferocity, where the stakes are high and the consequences so dire that humanity’s reliance on antiquated doctrines to resolve current and impending crisis can only result in complete failure.

We have come to realize that acts perpetuated by and on the human species creates additional sets of circumstances, conditions and problems that require new judgments and decisions if they are to be resolved. Those circumstances and conditions that were set in motion during the colonial and imperialistic past, some would argue, have now morphed into new realities designed to perpetuate similar outcomes as those previously experienced. If this is so, then powerful forces will continue to exist and hold sway over decisions made to gain and allocate resources in ways they deem fit.  

As development specialists committed to advancing human development in a global context, we are required to reflect deeply on this situation and assist in creating innovative solutions when implemented will make a complete departure from doctrines which guided past colonialists. In this day and age humanity must establish justice as chief harbinger of mature ideologies upon which to build systematic and consistent achievements that span extended time-horizons.

Humanity needs to experience the freedom to think objectively and plan, promote and encourage an expansion of collective and multi-dimensional effort to advance sustainable achievements. In this way, we can best channel our work within the context of a ‘global reach initiative’ to collaborate, educate, train, and interact with stakeholders and stakeholder communities to provide the support they need to achieve sustainability at the local level.

Click to download: Prallagon Global Reach Initiative with Mandate

Click to download: TeamMx Field Operations Guidelines (current model in use)


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