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The purpose for creating and defining a human species identity is to secure a durable foundation for promoting a global human polity where the end-results is the conscious reality of the need for collective human bonding. Because humanity is a composite with many parts, such an identity will encompass all aspects of its diversity. We need symbols to highlight this achievement, provide strength and help insure its continuity. This approach is not a panacea for all the abnormalities that engulfs humanity but will do much to help create the sustaining criteria needed to help propel humanity forward in its quest to achieve a prosperous future.   

For millennia it may have been opportune for a segmented humanity to promote its individualized self-interest, however, times have changed. Given the current state of human affairs and the need for innovative solutions to resolve a plethora of global crises, such an approach is no longer tenable. We now require both creativity and a collective wisdom drawn from a diverse humanity to help resolve problems that affect us all. We live at an opportune time where ideas and opinions are accessible by electronic means. Through a collective effort we can, if willing, seek to advance human achievements within the parameters of a well conceived cohesive global public policy.

We understand this need because there are distinguishable relationships between social and economic practices and political aspirations as long-standing practicing norms that continue to have negative consequences. They make up decades-long successive cycles of negativity that have touched of all humanity.  Implementing antiquated solutions to problems that well define this era of global turbulence, social unrest and political distrust is an exercise in futility as obsolescence continues to be the standard bearer for ill-conceived programs and practicing norms.  Paradigmatic shifts in how we think about the human condition in a global environment will help us devise innovative criteria needed to resolve current challenges (often repeated) and be proactive regarding future unknowns.

We provide a platform to facilitate collaborative discussion and decision-making; to garner expertise from a broad spectrum of development professionals, stakeholders and laypersons to identify, discuss, and design solutions to problems that threaten the advance of humanity.

We shy not away from promoting spiritual values as key elements needed to strengthen human endeavors to advance collective achievements. Many, perhaps, perceive spirituality only within a religious context. However, this core feature permeates and defines humanity as a noble, creative and unique species.  It cannot be identifiable only as religious because it’s much more expansive, though religion is a primary driver of spirituality as expressed by many adherents.

This core driver of human existence is the bedrock needed to devise a sound global human development strategy; when enjoined, it will provide unremitting support to advance humanity’s achievements global in scale and for extended time-horizons. We give serious consideration to humanity’s spiritual core and the principle that defines its oneness. Together they spearhead humanity’s potential to organize and advance collective endeavors.


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