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The requirement for law in this age of global transition is to reinstate authority and establish viable linkages between society, law, virtue, and trustworthiness. This will help strengthen connections with core spiritual principles and guide human endeavors. It reveals the true nature of law to promote character, guarantee freedom in society, and as a bedrock for sustainability.

Related to the above theme, we place the following 'Working Paper' to stimulate ideas and research on “legal transplantation and legal globalization,” i.e., “that factors other than the receiving nation’s own evaluation of the worth of legal ideas, and other than an objective assessment of the worth of legal ideas, are significant determinants of the patterns of legal transplantation and legal globalization”, and that “more systematic and rigorous testing will provide new information about how legal ideas, legal institutions, and legal structures find their way from one country to another.” It is conceivable that, in time, new research might also reveal a value-substance hypothesis of the viability of core spiritual principals imbued in law will have on society and the future of human endeavours in a global context.

Reference: The Politics and Incentives of Legal Transplantation, by Frederick Schauer.
CID Working Paper No. 44, April 2000. Law and Development, Paper No. 2.
©Copyright 2000 Frederick Schauer and the President and Fellows of Harvard College.
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