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By Muhammad Syafiq Borhannuddin
Senior Research Officer with Ikim’s Centre for Economics and Social Studies

"In light of the global economic and ecological disorder over the years, there has been growing
discourse by intellectuals of various faiths on the need to restore religiously inspired ethics into
mainstream living."

This 'Opinion' article appeared in TheStar [News] – Malaysia, Tuesday, 31 Jan 2017. It is one person's take on the modern day requirement for people to revisit the importance of ethics in daily life. Dr. Borhannuddin's view is directed to Moslems in Malaysia; however, the principles and concepts expressed are not only timely but also appropriate for followers of other religious faiths that teach the importance of ethics in society. An objective approach to views expressed is advised to avoid an unnecessary slide into needless religious controversy because the subject of ethics is not religion-specific but incorporates a broad social structure.

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