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The model for global human development envisioned by the Prallagon Consulting Group relies on several internal responsive components to facilitate acquisition of data needed to argument the consultancy’s ability to respond to challenges that threaten human development in a global context, and the Institute For Global Promise is one of several components that operate within the agency’s environment to engage and support this purpose.

The Institute serves a unique purpose inline with a specific mission aim “… to bridge the gap between where humanity stands today in relation to where it could be at various intervals in the near future, with plans and projections to extend time-horizons far into the distant unknown,” knowing that theory is fine, but proof lives in concerted action.

Therefore, through virtual education and training, the Institute, a community of energetic people imbued with a shared vision and sound sense of purpose, join in a combined effort to make the world a better place. Through their dedication, commitment, education, research, training, and skills, they devise innovative procedures to resolve intractable problems that threaten to retard fulfilling the global promise to plan and achieve long-term sustainable objectives.

Academics, researchers, planners, students, community members, and lay-persons work in partnership to consult, plan, and perform multi-disciplinary enquiry for creating sustainable pathways to achieve long-term program objectives.

To support their endeavours, they draw on core Agency resources that include the Strategic Knowledge framework and its viable companion, we identify as Actionable Knowledge. The former employs a research element and, after intensive analysis, the results may become the actionable knowledge deemed appropriate for testing in real-world settings. Together, they provide means for devising potential solutions to many problems faced by humanity in this era. They also generate the information required for long-term planning with achievable milestones that provide strategic criteria used to devise ways to resolve problems that arise in the near and distant future.

Therefore, the Institute through multi-disciplinary enquire, gives its attention to these two primary luminaries as they are vital based on the data they provide from research, consultation, fact finding, education, and feedback that come from field tests in real-world settings. They work in concert with each other and with all internal functions to enhance community development opportunities over the long term. The Institute is also effective in enhancing working relationships with the Agency’s external partners.




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