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By Laurin L. Henry
Vol. 76 No. 5 July 2000
The Virginia

"What is Moral Leadership? What do we mean by moral leadership? Where does it come from, and how do we recognize it? Quickly we encounter slippery terms and conflicting ideas. Most people probably see moral leadership as based on, or an outgrowth of, individual char- acter. Dodging the difficult question of what “character” really is and how it is formed, we can say that the public favors political leaders and candidates thought to have “high” or “good” character—that is, men and women whose beliefs and behaviors reflect widely recognized moral, ethical, or religious values."

"The presumption is that virtuous leaders can be trusted to do the right things, and because of that trust, citizens and other politicians alike will respond to their leadership, making the political process run smoother toward morally superior outcomes."

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