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Looking back in human history little did we know until now that those traumatic forces unleashed during the period of European colonial exploration that saw the ravaging of human bodies and the imperialistic plundering of sustaining resources that lasted for more that four-hundred years, would bring us to this momentous era, a pivotal time after a long and tragic history, when the voices of the diverse-unheard, the decedents of those so long-exploited, would resonate as a collective and unifying cry for justice in a global context.

This history, when viewed in proper perspective and with correct assessment, we can discern a ‘dual phenomenon’ in play; the first shows the floundering of an order that refuses to die despite its unworthiness, and the second reveals the signs, processes, precepts and ideals of a new phase in human history, a period of constructive idealism characterized by endeavours that, without doubt, will supersede the former and open up long-awaited vistas of justice and the prospects that holds for the stainability of humankind far into the future.

The ‘new thinking’ and strategic planning required will provide the framework needed for humanity to move beyond complacency and engage a proactive stance of resolve. It will require the emblazon within the human psychic of a ‘species identity’ based on the conciousness reality of the oneness of humanity. This foundation-principle and primary pivot both creates and guides a new ethos that ushers in an era of sustainable fulfillment. In this way we make a marked departure from the past and bridge the gap between where humanity stands today in relation to where it can be at various time-stamped intervals into the not too distant future, and that lying beyond.

We stress the synergistic capability of leadership, law, and governance as a unified trilateral contextualized within the framework of humanity’s oneness as a species; the core principle forged as integrated bedrock to spearhead strategic undertakings in globalizing environments. Along with a shared species identity—spiritual infusion—it cements unified and unbridled efforts to resolve entrenched problems in human affairs. It’s a process that remains consistent in championing humanity’s moral character, and ethical and spiritual values to secure sustainability objectives.

Within this context, we discuss issues related to new realities of ethics in sustainability; ways to manage and guide a developing global community and its attendant ethos; provide proactive planning for systematic long-term achievements; engage the effective use of mass media in problem solving and help to achieve development goals; champion public reeducation; sponsor gender justness; and galvanize the inherent qualities latent in human diversity to elevate the species.

These are only a few of the daunting challenges humanity will face from now on. Learning will be through collaboration, research and study, trial and error, to afford the many opportunities for quality discussions and forthcoming decisions.

Remember—this is about ‘how to make things happen’. Thinking that it’s not possible is a defeatist attitude and rejected.


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